Bernard Brogan won and scored the Kevin McStay " Ah Nooooooooo" point the day I decided I wanted to post on here.


I couldn’t think of anything…


Why didn’t you call yerself hola amigo?



Joined up back in the day when every second article talked about a v b games in Dublin training and how we could field 2 teams etc… Always felt it was lazy journalism so its more of an ironic name choice than anything.


I always thought it was a reference to the ex Spurs manager…


Being too young to remember 95 in any great detail I thought I’d pay homage to the end of the 16 year drought. Was a huge moment for a gang of friends and our aul lads that started going to the games all together cruelly around 96/97. Manys a year walking back up that canal after a pasting in the quarters/semis wondering would we ever see it. I’d be more of a hurling man but 2011 was very special. Seldom post in the county football section as I genuinely can’t keep up with the thread and the rate the posts come in


Moved back from out fordin in 2011. Was delighted to be back & able to do so many things on a daily basis, that you can’t really do, when you are only here for a 2 week hollier, like going to Dubs games. Lurked here for most of the summer & signed up in August, just before the Donegal semi. User name reflects how well we were going that summer & just how proud/happy I was to be back in the Dubs match going fold again & that strong sense of identity that comes with being home. Didn’t get to see many games while I was away, as I always worked weekends & local Irish pub only showed AI finals & semifinals. So calling 2011 to now, an embarrassment of riches personally, is putting it very mildly. Long may it continue !




I was drinking when I signed in first. As if the Internet needs another cat.


It’s what this County is . . .


Can’t remember how mine came about.


It’s the place and year you last bought somebody a drink. Only saying what I heard now …


No no - it wasn’t as recent as 09 that I bought a drink.


Your dead right ! Imagine bringing your wife to her first game in 2010 having previously had no interest in gaa before . And she got to enjoy the last 7 years without all the baggage before hand .
Life is unfair at times :laughing:


It’s what German girls used to say when you asked them out… “Oh, Nein!”


I meant it to be 90 Bud but I’m a little backward …


That’s like the old joke about the German prostitute shouting after a Dub as he does a runner…
“What about my Marks?!?”
Ten outta ten love, A1


A lot of people kept their usernames from the previous site but there are some that changed over. Be interesting to see the long term members that changed their names when this site opened


BohemianDub because i support the greatest Association Football Club in the land and the greatest county in Ireland.

I’m also very artsy, like my literature and live an unconventional lifestyle. Honest