Grogans is one of the most overrated pubs in town.

Guinness is always muck in it.


How very dare you!


Agree. And it has a carpet on the floor. I rest my case.


I drank there before it was rated :blush:


Nice discussion folks. First of all I remember having it before but I can’t remember why JJF chose Jumpin Jack Flash, presume just the song? I originally thought it was some hurler’s name! And the (now gone?) username ‘Signylin’, forgot that one as well.
Second of all I miss the departed regular contributors, they all know who they are. The classic threads mentioned are great memories, more recently I loved the Man C bus attack row and there’s some class wind-ups at times.

Third of all in answer to the question about 25AliveOh it is of course in reference to our 25th All-I football win, the rest is obvious, and there always has to be ‘Al’ in any of my usernames also.
Fourth of all how can I change my name coz it’s well out of date?!


A post fit for the Sacred Cows thread.


No need to ask the mods on here for help with that one @FiscalRectaltude… There is a certain poster on here who seems to have an answer (or a question) for everything you post.


URoy (or U-Roy) is a Jamaican DJ. He was one of the pioneers of Dub, the process of recording your vocals over somebody else’s music (most music is like that now, but 50 years ago it was radical and innovative). That resulted in loads of Dub-related monikers and album titles etc like the below, so I just nicked his name in homage. Having based his entire career on theft of other people’s work, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded. URoy himself is still touring and performing by the way, 57 years in the biz.

Uroy Album Cover

Don’t think he/she is still with us, but for my money “Dave Synnott’s Tache” wins the prize for best Ressers handle ever hands down.


Jumping jack flash is indeed named after the stones song and whopee Goldberg! :grin: but Jack McCaffrey stole my thunder as he is the real jack flash. JJF is simply an abbreviation


What was the other one… Jonny_Carthy_One_Man_Band, or something?


Sack in spandex another good handle took me out of on my first post back in the day.


Davey Synott would be in my top 3 names. I think Up The Coddall should change his name to Ricey’s Eyebrows.


Speaking of the man, he was up watching Dubs Hurlers few weeks back with his daughter (less the Tache). Nice fella.


Bring back the GOAT @conor_salt





One of my favourite Simpsons moments


■■■■… looks like a scene from the Road, but I know its not, because theres animals alive.


Think it was Johnny Carthy one man party.


Yeh loved is posts. But why the GOAT??