Howya buddies!


I thought you were rhyming slang for haemorrhoids.


Nah, they’ll always be Johnny Giles :slight_smile:


Or Nobby Stiles, if you want to go further back?


Emma Freuds…


Or as the Mordonians would say their Trevor Giles…


‘Resser in the spotlight’ was a classic from the old site, also loved ‘the sacred cows thread’ too. Caused mayhem!!


“The Sacred Cows” threads? Were they the Man Utd and Liverpool threads?
Don’t remember that one… what was it about?


Stuff you think is overrated but other people like


as @Harrys_Tiles said. For example someone would slate Bob Dylan or maybe a film it could be anything really. It all kicked off one day when a clever clogs suggested the thread itself was overrated.
Got me through many a slow day in work!

Wasnt there a confessions thread of some sort too?


Sure that’s where Clayton came into his own with the Deadmans Inn story :joy:


A defining moment in Resser history!


Never ever to be forgotten along with the limericks “competition”


Jaysis remember that :joy:


Ah yes, that was priceless!


I remember been introduced to Reservoirdubs by a mate @Signylin, he wrote a story of his experience on match day while living abroad, I think the site had a homepage with a slider that showed a few images. When was that around 2007?


Id guess 08? in and around then anyway. When did the site launch?



@tayto is just Mad for the crisps!!


A grogans toastie, a packet of cheese and onion tayto a pint of guinness and a carroll’s was yer only man. Bliss.

Tayto always had pitchside ads back in the day.