US Major League Baseball


Jesus. That’s mad. Imagine watching Dublin and Donegal go at it, in a very low scoring game for 7 hours. You’d lose the will to live.


Gets interesting now to see who starts for Boston tonight. Lefty Drew Pomeranz was a surprise late addition to the roster for the World Series. Looking like he’ll start tonight in order to leave Sale Price and Eovaldi for games 5,6 & 7. If it’s 2-2 after tonight, Boston can call on Sale to try take a lead back to Boston with 2 strong starters available and Porcello there to close out the 8th if needed. It’s anyones guess though what way Cora plays this. Ye have to love post season ball!


Some comeback by Boston in game 4. I stayed up until around 2.30 (winter time) and the were 4-0 down in aroubd the 5th innings when I was going to bed.


Price goes against Kershaw tonight. How ironic if he was to be the winning pitcher in the series clincher. Either way can’t see them losing three in a row, especially with the last two at home.


I don’t follow it enough to know the irony. Was he once a Dodger?


he was known as a serial post season bottler. this year was the first game he got a W in out of 11/12 tries I think it was


Correct. Like ARod. Great in the regular season, a bottler in the play offs. If he wins tonight that gets put to bed permanently.


Cheesy but i like the nod to the Boston LA rivalry


And that’s a wrap , Sox win it , 5-1.


It’s been an unbelievable season for the redsox. Dropping one game each to the last season World Series teams. They have been dominant from day 1. Will go down as one of the best Red Sox teams to win it with their Reg season record too.

At least now I can back to sleeping at a reasonable hour again. Until the NFL post season anyway


And Price is a bottler no more!


Price was almost MVP!


Would hometown-based Boston fans (with a ticket) have preferred to lose last night and win on Tuesday at Fenway? Or is that cutting it too fine? :astonished:


Doubt they’d take the gamble but of course I’m sure it’s in the back of their minds how sweet it would have been to clinch it at home. Although the parade over there is the big event rather than the virtual final whistle . I have family and friends living in South Boston and they were telling me how some old childhood friends and work colleagues etc… are flying back to Boston from all over the states to be there. You’d be talking millions lining the streets in celebration.