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Red Sox a win away from the WS after winning 8-6. Porcello was disappointing giving up 4 runs and lasted only 4 innings. JBJ was the hero again hitting a 2 run homer when the Red Sox trailed 5-4. We also had a fan interference on Mookie betts attempting to catch a long drive from Altuve and the ump ruled him out. Price will start game 5 due to Sales illness, hoping to have sale start game 6 if needed or game 1 of the WS… fingers crossed.


Were the Astros not favourites for this ?


would have been marginal at best I’d say. Red Sox best record in baseball this year


Marginal favs in the betting yea, good run in to this in the Reg season and swept Cleveland in the divisional. Red Sox have been really good and barely put a foot wrong in the post season. The bullpen, while not perfect, has exceeded expectations.
Look at the play Betts made to get the out at second base and then the game winning catch from Bennintendi at the death. There are game winners stepping up all over the team this championship series. Can never be comfortable with any lead in baseball though, still need to finish the job. If Price crashes tonight I’d expect them to sow it up in Fenway in game 6


Houston’s home record is relatively poor. Their away record was top in the regular season. Enough reason for Boston to want to sew it up in game five and have a few day’s extra rest.


Kimbrell sending Boston fans to the cardiac unit again in the 9th. He is an accident waiting to happen


Redsox through to the World Series on the back of David Price pitching 6 scoreless innings on 3 days rest. Only took him 10 years but he did it.


When is game 1 scheduled?


Next Chewsday in Boston.


Ah… but Americans would say Toos-day… isn’t that right, @Ohm?


Some Noo Yoikers and Noo Joyseyians would say Toosday.


But do any say Chewsday?


Not the way we do, no. They wouldn’t all say Toos-day though. T’wud kinda be a mish mash, hybrid of the two.


Anybody stay up to watch this? Was it any good? Looking good for the Red Sox.


Might watch some of it tonight -


Sale was on 91 pitches after 4 innings. Wasn’t a great night for him or kershaw. Relievers did well and some great visits to the bat got the job done.


Will the Red Sox win this 4-0?


Depends who starts Game 4


Porcello next so presume it’s Eovaldi game 4 all going to plan? Sale hasn’t been himself of late there’s question marks over how healthy he is.


So game 3 went to inning 18 before being clinched by LA with a walk off homer. 7 hours 20 mins it went on for. Some heroic stuff on the mound from both teams as a 3-2 scoreline would suggest after 18 innings. Make sure to watch the game recap of this one.