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Hopefully your right on Price, has a terrible record in the off season in general but Heuston is a much better matchup for him than the Yankees


Why are Houston considered favourites when Boston had the best regular season record? Boston had to overcome NYY to have that record, also. Is it a case of been there, done that, for Houston?


Also, are coaches/managers free to play any players on their roster in any amount of consecutive matches? Apart from fatigue or injury, are there other reasons why coaches don’t/can’t play their strongest players in as many games as possible?


tactics, fatigue and injury are the only reason once someone’s on the 25 man roster (is this extended in the post season?)


There isn’t a lot in it but heuston are a really good team. They had one or two slip ups in the Reg season but have hit their stride at the right time in the run in to the playoffs.


Cheers… trying to get a handle on the ins and outs (no pun intended!).
Pitchers are the most affected by fatigue, I take it?


Starting pitchers in particular wouldn’t play for 3/4 days generally after an outing. Relief pitchers are different in that they might play 2 out of 3 games. It all depends on how many pitches they throw really in a game. An inning could be over in 3 pitches or 50


No. It’s expanded for September but back to 25 man rosters for the playoffs.


The pitcher rotation is crucial in the post season, one of the more fascinating aspects to a series I think.

For example this lad Price was awful in his last start for the Red Sox. Him being named as the game 2 starter means that he will most likely start game 5/6 too. A lot of redsox fans would prefer if he didn’t start until game 4 so they could potentially get through the series only starting him once. Don’t get me wrong Price is a top pitcher, his salary reflects that, but he’s known for shitting the bed in post season. Let’s hope he can change that this series


Yes and no. The speed and angle that starting pitchers throw at, for as long as they are throwing for, plays havoc with the rotator cuffs in their shoulders primarily, along with other parts of their arms. So starting pitchers only start every 3rd or 4th day. Their arms can’t take any more than that and still be effective the next day out. Once their pitch count gets above 80 pitches or so, their day is usually done.

Fastball specialists would tend to get the curly finger sooner, as the speed of their delivery puts insane pressure on their arms/shoulders. Plus, once their arm goes, it goes very quickly and there is rarely a chance to right the ship before the wheels fall off, quite often in spectacular fashion. They can go from a seven inning, two hit shut out, to conceding a grand salami in the blink of an eye. They are fierce excitng to watch though.


In the (brutally named) World Series, do they adapt NL rules and AL rules for each individual game in the series, depending on who is at home in each game, or is it one series of rules throughout the seven games?


AL rules for AL home games and NL rules for NL home games. Other than the designated hitter, I can’t really think of many rules that differ, offa the topa me noggin.


Pitcher has to bat in NL (a consequence of no designated hitter)?




Vital win for the Red Sox. I think they will need to win 2 of the three away games in Houston, though.


Big win for the Red Sox. Guarantees them another game at least in Boston. If Houston win both tonight and tomorrow, I reckon they will see off Boston in one of the two remaining games.


If it’s 3-2 Houston by game 6 Sox need to go with Eovaldi instead of Price. He’s been lights out so far. Hopefully they can nick one more in Texas and Sale can go for the series win in game 5


I actually thought Price improved slightly, although not enough to trust him when it comes to the crunch. Sales illness is a concern, cant afford to lose him. Eovaldi has been solid and Porcello could get the vital win in game 4. The RedSox relievers have been very good also but Kimbrell remains as erratic as ever and he might be a problem going forward. 3B also looking ropey

A word for Jackie Bradley Junior, once considered an automatic out he has been Bostons MVP in ALCS so far… long may it continue.


Would not throw Price in an elimination game if Eovaldi is available and he will be. Porcello goes tonight. Then I’d go Sale, Eovaldi if Sox are down 3-2 and Porcello again if it gets to game 7. Hopefully it’ll be over before then. Think either side wins it out over Brewers/Dodgers.


Agree with that pitching order, though Cora seems to like him. He will have to play eventually unfortunately if Boston were to overcome Heuston but cross that bridge when it arrives.

Bizzare stuff coming out about the Astros member of staff being thrown out of the media section, accusations of him recording the Redsox dugout.