US Major League Baseball


I thought winning 3 World Series titles in the last 12 or 13 years (or so) put an end to the Babe Ruth “curse”?


T’was never a curse to begin with imo.

It may have made sense to get rid of the Babe at the time though, as he was supposed to be an almighty prick - if drinkin’ , hoorin’ and fightin’ are your measure of a man and not his batting…ahem…average. :laughing:


Do you reckon the Billy Goat curse was a real curse then? One of the best sports stories ever IMO.

I was finding the present Cubs team likeable. Then they let Rizzo throw a pitch at the end of a game for the craic, bit disrespectful really. Although it is hard not to like watching players like Javy Baez


Ah, the Cubs have always done things purely for the craic. It’s why they’ve won fcuk all for so long. (Recent success aside obvs.)


Apparently Joe Maddon does stuff like that just to keep the morale up in the squad, it was a game they were getting well beaten in and it got the crowd going. When you have 160 odd games no harm doing something like that once in a while! Would like to see a Cubs v Red Sox world series this year, 2 old school stadiums and would be a decent match up too


Oh dear


Couldn’t sit through a baseball game on the tv .
Like watching paint dry , i imagine its really something you have to see in the flesh to appreciate it . As well as been sozzled & full to the gill of hotdogs .


God bless 'Murica ! :us_outlying_islands: :hotdog: :hamburger: :beer:

Don’t you dare diss my President now.

Yes. Being there in the flesh helps to experience the magic, more so than in other sports imo.


Sat and watched the Phillies last night, they were paying homage to their team of 08 that won the World Series, they then went on to beat Miami 5-1 for the 2nd game on the trot. Going well this year, anybody have a clue would they be in the running for the WS again? Haven’t watched enough baseball this year to have even a wild guess!


I think the Phillies won’t be far off a playoff spot. They’re top of a slightly weaker division at the moment.

Red Sox the number one side at the min in my view, nearly had a collapse v the Yankees just now. Kimbrell came in to close a 4-0 lead and after starting so strongly with back to back strike outs in the 9th he gave up 2 doubles in a row and it was 4-1. Next thing we had bases loaded, 2 out and top of the 9th, the stuff dreams are made of. I thought it was written in the stars for a walk off grand slam. Thankfully NY came up short this time. Finished 4-1. The Red Sox are beginning to put some daylight between them and NY


Red Sox would still have had their 9th innings batting if the Yankees got their GS, yeah?


Oh sorry you are correct sir. Mixing my bottoms with my tops