Uploading a file


Hi lads,

I just wanted to ask a question in relation to uploading a file to a post.
If I upload a file to a post on this site, will it show the full address of the file or have any way of tracking it to the location on my computer/network? I would be doing so from a work computer which has a centralised network and just wouldn’t want to leave myself or the network exposed to anything.



What type of file ? Picture or document ?
You talking about an intranet , if in doubt don’t do it would be my suggestion . Save the file on a USB stick & upload from home .


It’s gas how you have a picture of someone you never met in your head and then they post a picture and it’s exactly how you imagined them!


Nope it will be uploaded to the server, no trace of where it comes from. well, we can track your IP address if something dodgy happens


[quote=“Tayto, post:4, topic:1634”]
we can track your IP address if something dodgy[/quote]

:flushed::flushed::flushed:. :frowning::frowning::frowning:


This sounds dodggggggy :joy:, like mission impossible & the NOC list :joy::joy:


I was going to attach an Excel file to a post but just wanted to check first.


Ah right :+1:


dunno if that will work - give it a try tho!


I’d say take a screen grab of the excel document & post it as a picture .


It’s a proposed fixture layout that I am looking to upload. Tried it there and you can’t attach an excel file.
Taking multiple screen grabs would make it too hard to follow I would think.
Any other suggestions?


Upload it to here and post the link. https://sheet.zoho.com/sheet/excelviewer

Similar idea to a shared google spreadsheet. Or you could use google spreadsheets.