I think it is unfortunate how the game was one sided, but it is an interesting enough programme. It just seemed evident from early on in the series that they just hadn’t a great crop of players this year. In other years they have been more competitive so it shouldn’t be knocked for just one year. I don’t like the x factor type elimination of the show, I think it would be better if it was just more documentary style. They could still be cutting guys from the panel, that happens in real life, but as it is, it is a bit formulaic.

I did think they were in trouble when I saw the Dublin team. It was the worst type of team for them to come up against. It was made of guys who want to prove something, and more importantly, they knew if it didn’t go well for them it could have implications. The game reminded me of that 13 aside game Dublin played for charity against an Ulster selection in 2014 (maybe?). It was played down as a no account game, but it did feature Fenton and Scully for their senior debuts and they played well that night.

Smith is very classy. I didn’t really understand why he lost his place on the 2017 U21 first 15. I thought he had done well in the earlier rounds. Then again, it was a very strong team, so not easy to keep your place on it.


Extended Highlights


I’ve seen better extended highlights in Peter Marks …



In the mirror !


A very insightful interview with Underdogs player and RTL clubman Stephen Harford. Maithú Stephen!


That chap Mark Gibbons is an attention seeking bellend… embarrassing




His speech when the teams were already picked give me a break ffs…you play division 4 football give over…loves himself… absolute drama queen


You need to expand on that for us mere mortals!


Ah, I don’t think we should get into personal stuff about players. I get they sign up for it a bit when they go on shows like that. But still…


Div 4? Liffey Gaels not lower than that?


Liffey Gaels in AFL7