Dublin got a very late goal to win 5-17 to 1-03.


So thats a paddling .


I assumed he played for a B championship team or an Eastern European nation or club from the Europa League since Ohm knew of him


Kilkenny hurler


Ohm, Just wondering have you told your girlfriend/ boyfriend ( covering all bases here) friends or family of your strange ( for a Connecticut yankee) interest in indigenous Irish sports ?


My mother doesn’t really like sports so she doesn’t really know the difference. My step-father (hate using that word to be honest) doesn’t really understand how gaelic football works but he’s seen it briefly on my screen.



was out reffin tonight so not in PP.so tell me about the skerries lad stephen smith.(SS). is he a target man (O gara) ? a marksman ( brogan/rock) a will o the wisp corner forward (sherlock)? a spontaneous genus (CON) or what?.


Auld - he is a wee corner forward type with more tricks than Paul Daniels. If Christy Brown had a twin brother with a great right foot this lad would be both of them. He sells more dummies than Mothercare and if he is knocked to the ground he gets up before he hits it. Diminutive … but dynamite


Are you writing for the Herald now?that out of the Niall Scully book of cliches :joy:


@Stato82 my friend … I am mortally wounded. I offer the finest prose … you counter with denial … I mean the Niall …


And I said it when he was 15 when there was talk about his eldest brother getting a few obyrne cup games that they were 3 brilliant footballers but the best is yet to come. Classy. And a really nice guy too


I know folks say it was a nothing match , dont really know why they insist on that one as we all know that, but IMO there is one thing about all games involving any kind of Dublin team nowadays and that is that they go full out regardless of the opposition, lads want to impress. The reason for this is that they know there is a slight chance, in the last few All Ireland winning teams there were lads starting that nobody would have felt could possibly start 9 months earlier, but impressive performances in the O Byrne cup opened the way. Smith may never get the chance but he did his options no harm last night, lads have to take advantage of every single chance and he did so and that could possibly have sealed an O byrne cup spot and another chance to impress. Ask the likes of Skully etc the value of these games to parachute yourself into the picture.


The new jerseys looked nice. You can join the dots to make them read five in a row.


I thought you’ve been Harping about him.


Silly game for the shows producers to have picked as the players weren’t even beating club teams. It’s a novel idea but reality bit last night


Is there a hurling version?


Give that Stephen smith fella a chance with the dubs. Talented footballer


From a TV audience point of view probably the best game they could get


It was close enough … until the ref threw in the ball to start the game …