I think nephew.


No it’s because the game is less than meaningless. Anyone ranting and raving about a performance in this game is off his medication.


I don’t think anybody ranting but he’s only a young fella who’s also proved at club level, I wouldn’t just take anything from him or any of them. It was what it was


Smith worth looking at anywhere against any opposition. Enjoyable run out and a bit of craic that’s all. Fcuking place is overrun with Meldrew syndrome …




Walter Walsh won a junior football Kilkenny title a couple years back with Tullogher-Rosbercon I believe.


Correct. His father Walter Snr played FF and his grandad Walter Snr Snr played in goal on the same team.


They don’t own that many gaelic footballs in Kilkenny so it makes sense. :wink:


Stephen Smith is excellent. Tonight means little but his performance against Na Fianna will mean a lot more to management. I’ve never seen anybody give Jonny cooper as much trouble as he did that night. Reminds me a lot of Ian Burke from Galway


I’ve been raving (we know we know) about him for two years. A joy to watch.


Who does he play for ???




Has he been any where near dubs squad ???


Who is Walter Walsh?


Plays for Skerries


Are Skerries not in the A championship


What was the final score?


Was a minor in 2015. Saw him v Whitehall in Garristown the Sunday after the Mayo replay in 2016 and he was unmarkable. He kicked about 7 points in the first half. I’d say the Whitehall defence still have nightmares about him. Have taken any opp to see him since. Good lad too.


Sub for u21 last year on the team that won the all Ireland


With Walter Walsh yes but only hurley