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Starting team


Have ya got any subs list turbo? Cheers


Nothing yet. Hopefully they’ll name them on the tv


Smith doing well up front for dublin


Diamond doing well


Must have been saving himself last week


Was it free in?


Even considering the opposition Smith is playing well. Gavin in the middle started well and faded, Diamond finished the half well.
Wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of a few lads in the OBC


Jaysus they are brutal. Worse than I expected them to be by a long way. Smith doing very well. No way he meant the goal but still doing very well.


Lorcan Galvin, Donal McIlgorm and Karl Lynch-Bissett the only subs I can recognize myself. Hopefully we see a few of them this half


Steven Smith is giving Gavin and his management team plenty to think about with his display so far


I think the novelty has worn out even for the poor underdogs themselves. Good crowd.


I think a hurling version would be more competitive. This is just terrible. The only positive for the underdogs is that they can say they got to play against the dubs


This’ll put a halt to this show again. Maybe a trip to London for the weekend in future would be best


Maybe they shouldn’t play the best team in the country? Even if it is a massively under strength team.


You can take exactly nothing from this ‘game’.


Is that because he wears blue and white and not white and blue, if it was Quinn you’d be ranting and raving


any relationship to Jim / Mick Bisset


And as we’re asking of family links, the Hazley out there tonight is hardly anything to Ray Hazley?