I can’t see him playing with Crokes in the senior final a week later.

In terms of the central rules that govern when teams can collectively get back together depending on when you finish in the inter county championship we could see a total changed team? How is this rule enforced? I know its no collective sessions or friendly games so strictly speaking, Dublin aren’t allowed back until January? We could see a very changed side.


Cluxton playing 14. Bit of a mad team to be honest. Cian O’S at 11???


Kieran Duff has been recalled after his good form for Fingallians


Was a no brainer after his scoring spree. It will be interesting to see if he can reconnect with Joe McNally up front. Sean Doherty at 6 is a bit of a bolter.


Heading in with the kids tonight - really looking forward to it as have been watching the show to date, interested to see how the dubs on the team get on - wonder who is reffing it?


From that Irish Times article…

" Ciarán Mac Fhearghusa (Na Gaeil Óga, Dublin): The founder of Na Gaeil Óga, Dublin’s Irish speaking GAA club. The yoga instructor is the oldest, yet still one of the fittest on the squad. He’s played for the Dublin juniors and remains a very good defender."

I knew Ciarán was heavily involved with Na Gaeil Óga but didn’t know he was the founder. I’ve met a few people recently who say they were the ones who came up with the idea to form the club.


Whos the 3 Dublin lads from judes, ovo kev is one


Wikipedia credits him alright:
“Thosaigh Ciarán Mac Fheargusa ag smaoineamh ar chumann CLG lán-Ghaeilge a bhunú sa bhliain 2010”

And then him and a few others to actually found the club.


The three lads from Dublin.


Ciaran was definitely the founder of the club. He was always very passionate about the Irish language.




Are the teams/squads announced?


Is this on live?


On TG4 I think


It’s on TG4



Why have they a picture of four lads with hurleys to promote it … :thinking:


They’re all hurlers. They’ve never played football. It adds to their Underdogs status.


Are they playing Clare or Offaly in hurling or Kildare or Tipperary in football?

Because Dublin have won more than 4 all Irelands in both


Looking forward to watching this now. Hoping whatever team Jim picks we absolutely smash these mongrels. Defeat tonight could could badly dent morale in our five in a row quest


Pretty sure its going to be a very inexperienced team. Lads who were close to 21s panel last year were asked afaik!