No, just know gavins been ringing u21s this week asking if they’d play.



Tenner in. Fiver back if they win.


Nowhere else to ask this but whatever happened to that Harry redknapp v gianluca viallii club thing? Did it ever actually happen?


It’s on YouTube


Surprise surprise, Isles were beaten. Both clubs have gone on very different trajectories in the passing decades!


Was it isles first team? Didn’t see sweetman playing during it or has he stopped?


Yep they are brutal, wouldn’t beat any Dublin div1 team


He has given up


No, it was mainly their AFL5 team


It was their first team


So will we see any of the all ireland winning team on friday night? Surely TG4 and the Underdogs team will be hoping that Dublin at least include a few of their big hitters.


It would be great to see Smith from Skerries Harps given a run in this game. From the highlights on Dubs TV he gave Na Fianna all kinds of problems in their recent SFC game. Anybody know if he could possibly be involved?


Has their been any inkling of who might feature for Dubs? Heard on the rumour mill that Dermo and Berno are due to tog out.

As stated previously, TG4 and Underdogs will hope to have a few of the big players rolled out.

You can rule out a good handful due to their involvement with clubs this weekend and next, but their still should be a good panel out.

Likes of Killian O’Gara, Stephen Smith and a few others of that age should be included regardless.


Paul Mannion’s cousin produces the programme and says he will definitely play.


Who will definitely play? Mannion?


No, his cousin who produces the programmes :wink:


Yes the Underdog producer says PM will play but at Full Back as he does not want to risk too much ahead of next week. None of the three Dublin players for Judes were approached.


I think members of the first team should be playing, if only they can bring their pints onto the pitch (maybe leave them on the sidelines) for refreshments during the match.

Or the water carrier becomes a beer one.


@steveyblue showing off his skills tonight