Graham Bedford I think


That him.


Yep. Thanks lads


They are down to play Galway and Dublin would you believe! I am sure it would be an O’Byrne cup outfit. Due to play Dublin end of October!

They will be mauled. Seems to be a lot of average enough ballers but to be fair, they are making a lot of changes throughout the games which os difficult.

The level of coaching seems very basic, just a couple of footpass drills. Again, without analysing data etc overtime, prob difficult enough to train.

Enjoying the show though.


Who got dumped last night?


Steve Bruce.


So we play the Underdogs on the 19th of Oct. in Parnell Park, does anyone know how to get tickets?



If it is freebie like when Ballymun played Castleisland a few years ago then might get a crowd. Otherwise, only be small.


that was celeb banistoeir great crowd that night


Missed the start of the show last night but does that lad from Kilkenny not have a club or something?


It said that he was with O’Loughlin Gaels (whose clubhouse is right beside Nowlan Park), but I don’t know how many games (or to what standard) they would be playing.
He was the captain of the Kilkenny minor football team about 3 years ago, who lost to Wexford in the Leinster championship by over 70 points.


John or Paddy?


70 points!! How did they literally have the time?! That can’t be right :see_no_evil::joy:


Tell em to drop the ego :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The score was 17-20 to 0-00!


Tickets on sale for underdogs v Dubs Parnell park 19th Oct. Adult €10. Kids free but must be accompanied by adult.


What size crowd do we fink?!


Slightly bigger than a culchie wedding, at a push.


Dublin fielding a lot of u21s thankfully, cos otherwise it would be a massacre, might still be, that underdogs team is useless.


has a team being named?