Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Agree totally. And unfortunately your first line reflects life in general too …


Caught most of the first half of Down v Armagh and was sorry to have to head out at that stage. Been quite some time since I felt like that in June with a game involving someone other than our lads.

I think sometimes we get so caught up with turning the Championship into some PC, equal opportunities tournament (an unrealistic objective) that we forget just to enjoy the tussle. Sure, it doesn’t happen enough, but it was good to see the two sides just going for it to a decent degree.


… and then the two managers/coaches involved got hold of their teams at half time and asked them what they were playing at with their expansive, open, attacking football.

2nd half, both teams reverted to type.


You were so lucky to have to go out. I suffered the 2nc half and it was dire with Conor Lane putting in a reefing performance matching the turgid foitball


I thought he looked a bit dis-jointed myself.


Could explain a lot maybe


I’d disagree Beeko - I thought Down reverted to type and it proved to be the winning of the game. Armagh simply floundered forty yards out from their goals - unable to kick points into the wind.

Disappointing result for us - second best in a tight enough contest between two average teams. Lot made of our attacking prowess in the media in the run up to the game but the reality was there for all to see yesterday. We scored two goals and with a bit of ruthlessness could have had five and buried the game. The fact that we didn’t undermines the argument about how good our attack is.

The talk of course will come back to Geezer and his future. I don’t think it is enough to lay all the blame at management’s door. For the most part, we have the best players in the county playing and for the most part they made a series of unforced errors. Our inability to seriously threaten any sort of blanket defence dates back years and is still our undoing. Down were very comfortable.

I would expect us to bow out early from the qualifiers, unless something unexpected happens. At that point I think a serious assessment needs to be made about current progress (if any) and where we are likely to go. As a starting point, we need to reflect on three very disappointing years since our great run in 2014. I’ve stated already the players we have are just ok - the question therefore is could another manager get more from them.


Fair point.


Thought it was very entertaining game, and proper football was played.

One thing that actually disgusted me was the Commentary at the end, when the handbags started. I think it was Ger Canning actually condoning what was going on " It won’t be a proper Ulster Game without a punch-up…The great thing about the GAA, when this happens it stays on the pitch and doesn’t get brought onto the Terraces…" WTF


On the BBC panel after the game someone also referred to the possibility of trouble spreading to the terraces because the brawl went on so long. As you said WTF?


'Monaghan snipers suspected of winging rival supporters with 303’s during Ulster Final."


I thought he was saying that because the fighting was close to the hoarding, a few fans might throw a punch.

Afterwards, Darragh O’Hanlon said it was Down’s biggest match since the 2010 AI final.

In fairness, the row at the end seemed to be more grabbing and pushing.


The Down number 24 started it all. Was hoping he’d get a smack.


Cavan Monaghan not a bad game considering the conditions. Some great points kicked esp by Cavan. Jack McCarron disappointing in first half.


All 9 of Cavans scores have been excellent, but they’re all with the wind. They’ve not got near the Monaghan goal which will be necessary against the wind. Expect Monaghan to win


It’s not a bad game. Some awful misses in the last 10 minutes though. Like “How did he screw that up” kinda ones.


Conditions look horrendous. Decent game not withstanding.
Expect Monaghan to win.


Canning states the ball was certainly touched by McManus as it went over the bar when it clearly hit the post and dropped over.

Is he demented or something?


Walked by the defender :cold_sweat:


Unbelievable! It hit the post about two foot over the crossbar on live showing and clear as day on both replays yet Ger insists Conor Mc got a fist to it and nearly goaled - he’d have to be 9’6" …

He also failed to work out the half time changes …

Spillane says lack of scoring power cost Cavan … they got 15 points! Enough to win 3 Ulster games. Usual cliched, lazy and trite analysis.

McManus class the only difference.