Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


A good game that quickly descended into a farce.


Armagh wait for the 77th minute to show some fight. Shambles of a team. Well done to the down lads.


This is an absolute meltdown by the ref. Why didn’t be just blow it up after the last Down point. He was already almost two minutes over the five he said were to be played.


Lane sending off wrong man…


Delighted for down. Armagh weren’t great in second half.


Just thrilled for the charming Mcgeeney


Mcgeeneys absolutely terrible record with Armagh must be testing the patience of Armagh fans, even the most loyal ones .


So much for my enthusiatic post at half time . Reverted to type for second half . Armagh clueless


He has had 1 championship victory in his time in charge of Armagh v Wicklow in 2015.


I think Lane is one of the better refs - not saying much says you! But it was impossible for him or anyone to ref second half today. A lot of times I thought one player was fouling only to see on the replay that it was vice versa. He can’t be blamed for the last minute brawl? He appeared slow all right, but it’s not easy to get 6 players names and give yellows out quickly . Players need to be called out on their behaviour too. I’m not a ref, nor never have been, just sympathetic to them. Exception being Marty Duffy who popped up as linesman today. I agree he’s generally terrible!


Slightly different subject…but today’s and last nights game give some weight to a tiered championship - at least in the early stages.

I thought today was a good game, apart from some of the second half, and that’s because it was fairly balanced.

Last night was just a mismatch and did Dublin no favours af all, especially if DC gets banned.

As for Down and Armagh…it could be a cheap summer for their fans.

Down won’t get past the next round. And as Oisin McC said afterwards, it’ll be hard for the Aramgh players to pick themselves up.

I think we’ll see a tough fight between Donegal and Tyrone. Both know each other so well.

Tyrone definitely don’t have an AI in them.


He is an amateur, in fairness. :wink:


He’s suspended!!


I was pullin’ yar leg.


Right now, RTE’s web report on today’s game has last week’s Derry/Tyrone result sub-heading it. RTE are a disgrace when it comes to its GAA coverage.


They’ve just corrected it now… The clowns.


Nothing wrong with what he was doing Alan


But what about playing with his buddies:laughing: Only joking Alan, enjoyed the debate on the other topic.


Many years ago a former dublin minor got twelve weeks tacked onto a four week suspension for carrying water bottles. McGeeney was doing more than that in my view. He was quite clearly involved in coaching via a colleague.


I wouldn’t even let Mcgeeney carry waterbottles much less coach a team


In fairness to McGeeney, any manager worth his salt would’ve been on the phone giving instructions.

Not saying it’s within the rules…just that it’s hard to blame him.

If I remember right…a banned Mourinho gave instructions from his hotel room during a game.