Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


I believe there will be plenty of evidence over the coming weeks to illustrate the fact that the dross available is not exclusively northern. The duck shoots that Dublin will engage in between now and August are - in my opinion - as much dross as some of what we have seen in Ulster to date.

Many pointing out the “fact” that these one sided games undermine totally any suggestion that Ulster is the most competitive province, and yet the ultimate winners is still very much up in the air. What you have had are three matches to date - Division 1 against Division 4; Division 1 against Division 3 and Division 1 against Division 3. Close games were always going to be unlikely and the results have gone comfortably with form, as everyone predicted. It is what it is.

Spurs beating Hull 7-1 is quite one sided, but it does not take away from the competitive nature of the Premier League.

In my opinion we are beginning to see a worrying trend with significant gaps opening between the haves and the have nots. That is being brought into more significant focus by the advent of the qualifiers where teams are being given more games, and the super eights will add to that in my opinion.

O’Rourke’s article in the Sindo yesterday hit the nail on the head with regard to what the underlying issue is.

I would expect the fayre on offer in Ulster to improve from here on in. We are up next where we play our lovely neighbours to the east. Two evenly matched, if poor standard teams, but at least it should end up a contest and hopefully help kick start the Ulster Championship.


At least it’s a bit more up to date than the ‘slide rule pass’. No one under 60 knows what a slide rule is.

Is the TV camera work for Ulster matches done by BBC? They have very good angles and views from behind the goals. That didn’t improve the game much though!


I think it’ll be a Monaghan v Donegal final. However all four remaining games
should give us more entertainment as I expect them to be much tighter affairs than what has gone on up to now. In fairness to Rufus, blowouts have been the pattern thus far except for Munster which is a tight as a fishes arse.:slight_smile:


Oisin McConville summed it up well when he said there’s nothing worse than watching 70mins of defensive football played poorly…as opposed to a defensive side that quickly transitions to attack.

Derry are in a bad place at the moment. Good club players simply don’t line out anymore. Damian Barton was dejected afterwards.

I know Ulster can get a bad press, but last year’s ulster final was exciting and only decided in the last minute. I imagine the next few rounds will be close.

I’d rather watch a good tight game - than watching Dublin wrap-up games at half-time.

That’s not Dublin’s fault - just that no one can get close to them in Leinster.


I hope you enjoyed our last 4 AI final wins :joy:


There’s no doubt that Dublin v Mayo or Kerry are great to watch in the championship.

I’m slightly envious. Ulster didn’t have anyone in the last 4…nor anyone in the league finals this year. Just weren’t good enough.

But in terms of provincial championships I think it’s still the most competitive and most enjoyable to watch.

That’s why it’s a pity Derry and even Armagh to a lesser extent aren’t as strong as they once were. Seems a lot of young players are deciding to stick with their clubs.


Looking at the state of the other three that’s not saying much really Daller … and enjoyable?

It’s like saying someone was given the death penalty but not fully …


I know I’m pushing up hill with this one…but we could be in for a treat in the next few games.

The Donegal v Tyrone should be at championship pace, even though I think Donegal will win it and probably Ulster as well.

I’ve promised (threatened) Bart with tickets to the final in Clones if he can bite his lip 'til mid-July.


I really don’t get this Donegal thing at all. Yeah they threw a few young lads in during the League and held their own just about but the C’ship is a different beast entirely. Unless you are an exceptional talent (eg Fenton) I reckon it normally takes until your third season before you become comfortable as a C’ship player. In the likes of Dublin and maybe Kerry it may be easier as you can be protected more and eased in and out of matches. With all the retirements Donegal have no such luxury and are in a sink or swim situation in a lot of cases. If all the young gambles pay off it will be remarkable and maybe not seen since Kerry in the 70s.

I think Donegal have a fairly competitive team and are building now from a point where they were clearly regressing. I cannot see them doing anything spectacular - or even maybe ordinary - at all this year. Unless maybe some bearded messiah could drop out of the Sky and lead them to the promised land but that’s not likely to happen ever … again …

If I had a free €50 bet on the game it would be firmly on my old friends Tyrone.

ps Any chance of a loan of £50 Daller?


Ulster doesn’t really matter this year because the standard bearer will be slain by the Mighty Dubs.
End of.


Would love to but just can’t find my wallet!

I think regardless of who wins Ulster, it’s unlikely they get further than an AI semi final.

Tyrone are missing a two good forwards and a reliable free taker before they can consider having a fighting chance of an AI. That same limitation will make it very difficult to win up in Donegal.

As I said at the top of the thread, these things are cyclic and Ulster teams did well in the 90s and 00s.

But there’s something true in O’Rourkes article when he wrote about the gap between the have and have nots getting bigger.

You wonder how the likes of Chrissy McKaigue can continue playing football and hurling for his club and still line out for Derry. There’s a breaking point when players can’t commit.


Jaysus… I didn’t… not until the final whistle on each occasion!!!


Fellas, it was in context of how competitive the Provincial c’ships were, when I said about the turkey shoots!

I also said it’s not Dublins fault there’s no one in Leinster that can match them.

Now outside of the provincials - that’s a different matter.

I could watch Kerry v Dublin any day. Hands-up better than any two sides up here could produce.



Tyrone will beat Donegal. Monaghan might beat Tyrone


Donegal gave Tyrone a trimming in the league.

Their U21s did the same in the replay.

With exception of last year’s ulster final, Donegal are used to beating Tyrone.

So I’d make Donegal slight home favourites, but hard to call all the same.

It’s impossible to read anything into the hammerings of Antrim and Derry.


Cavan Monaghan should be a good game. I think the farney have the upper hand in attack as it’s not all about McManus anymore. Still having watched Cavan a few times during the league I think they’re developing a game plan similar to the one Jim McGuinness praises mickey Harte from implementing in his colum this week. Marquee FORWARDS is still the issue for most teams playing this style though including Cavan. Without someone who can score a goal out of nothing or kick points for fun, the quick counter plan will be nullified by Malachy O’Rourke.
Maybe the guys who turned Mayo over with their point scoring can do it again.
If however either semi final ends a facile win for these 4 counties you have to wonder how long the provincials can last.
Entertainment is not of concern for teams which is fine but if you’re winning a medal at a canter is it worth the same as one you fought for every minute of the game?
I don’t think so.


Ulster football is a contradiction in terms. Nasty narrowness. It should be banned.


To be fair, that’s a rather weak attempt at getting a bite.


I actually agree with Iomaint.

A wall should be built to keep those bad hombres in. Make football great again I say.



No let them in - they are harmless at this stage.