Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


agreed he is a very very good albeit quite unfit player




Sean Quigley…!

“Pizza D’Or in Monaghan town is a great spot,” says Quigley. “So we went in and I got a pizza but I actually stopped halfway through it. I said, ‘Jesus, I can’t be eating a full pizza the night before a game.’ I should have been in my bed anyway. It was two o’clock in the morning.

“The Laois full back was a nice lad and we were just chatting away as the game went on about the different things we do for preparation and whatnot. I was asking him about what they ate before a game and that and he said the usual chicken and pasta in the hotel or whatever. Then he asked me and I was telling him all the same oul’ bullshit.

“But then I started laughing and I said, ‘Here, to be totally honest about it, I ate a half a pizza last night about two o’clock in the morning. Then I got up for a drink of water about four o’clock and I ate the other half.’ He burst out laughing. I’d say he thought I was taking the piss. But I was totally serious.”


He has no place on any serious gaelic football team unless he loses his fat arse in my opinion .


Great to have characters in the game. All that pizza enabled him to hoosh Stepho over the line!!

Lighten up B if it’s not over training and taking away all the good out of players’ lives it’s fat arses!


Have a heart. Think of the poor pizza place owner in Monaghan…and the loss in profits.

As he said in the interview to Dick Clerkin…“I bet Bernard Brogan couldn’t walk in here and get a free pizza”.



He’s a parody in my opinion . If you watch him playing you’ll see his opponent making hay because he can’t run
No talent required for being fit . It’s an attitude . And his sucks in my view . I’d imagine Gallagher will say lose it or adios


You’re a hard man. Looks like it’s Division 10 for SQ …


That’d be my opinion…in an age where fellas are obsessed with BMI and bleep tests…it’s refreshing to see someone look like they’re enjoying it.

Plus they give the rest of us mere mortals justification for eating crap at the weekend.


he can still kick frees which in the lower divisions is normally the difference in winning and losing…

i’d be more critical of his soccer playing than his pizza eating


They’ll show that in re-runs in years to come.

The only consolation for Cluxton is that SQ didn’t fall on top of him.


You’re right. All joking aside…he’s their top scorer.

I can imagine Pete McGrath being more old school and learning to work with him…but RG might be totally different having worked in Donegal for so long.


Have we forgotten about the Big V’s quote of “A Ferrari can run on any find of fuel”.

It’s mentioned in Dessie’s Tangled up in blue Autobio.

I know it’s a different era, but Vinny will always be a darling of the hill, he had the character for it.


If he’s being serious he will . Oaps can keep fit . It seems this might be why Fermanagh aren’t up to much


I get your point…

And if I’d connections to Fermanagh then for sure I’d like to see him get fitter and make best use of his talent.

But as a neutral it’s funny to see him buck convention.

Like the fat bloke who played up front for Man City in the 80s.


Mickey Quinn?


That’s the boy!

Sure he wouldn’t last 5 mins under Guardiola…but he was a bit of a cult hero with City fans.


He was some boy for Leitrim too!


Sorry…what’s the connection? Or must be slow today