Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Is there anything in the rule book (ask Pat Spill ass) to distinguish in play from not in play?


Is the Connolly thread moved to here now? As Tayto said, we can’t let it blow over.


Not when there is scope for similar Sunday Game analysis to be applied.


Can we please not discuss Cathal McCarron on here?


I know a few fellas from Derry and there’s just apathy about where the IC team is going.

The thing is that Derry have always produced good clubs, they’ve good facilities, and their minors won Ulster on Sunday.

I remember in the 90s when there was a real rivalry, but this year in the McKenna Cup final and in the Ulster championship, Derry hardly showed up.

They’ve had something like 5 managers in 10 years, players not making themselves available, and with Damian Barton the latest to go…you’d wonder who’d want to take on the job.


There is only one Messiah like creature available … Joe Brolly.

Alternatively change the name of Slaughtneil GAA club to Derry …


Christ, thst would be some laugh alright.

In fairness to McStay, at least he put his money where is mouth is.

Derry have had decent managers too. Paddy Crozier and Damian Cassidy manage clubs in Tyrone and both have won the the O’Neil cup.

But some of the players withdrew from the panel, and a few players were supposed to have headed to the states after losing in Ulster.

I suppose it’s a bit like Meath in Leinster. The rivalry was a good thing.


No. Makes no difference.


As I thought, hence why Seamus O’Shea was black carded in 2015.


Karl Lacey - Donegal - has retired from intercounty football


Another Jim casualty …


Best of luck to him, superb player but probably should have had another couple of years in him. Then again, look at Barry Cahill, Ger B etc.


I thought I was reading Waterford whispers

Santas little helper confirmed as the new manager of Fermanagh.


Some task regardless of who manages them.

A bit like Wicklow in that no matter how nights a week they train or mountains they run up…Fermanagh don’t have the clubs or pool of players to challenge in Ulster.

Apart from the odd surprise result and dubious ‘goal’…it can’t be easy being a Fermanagh player.


And Ricey to be part of the management team.



Rices looks like a Tyrone version of Bjorne Borg
Obviously super ugly in comparison


I wonder how Gallagher will get on with your man that likes the pizza.


Pete McGrath ultimately couldn’t do without him such is the lack of depth of playing talent


Plus he’s a good player.