Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


The thing about Ulster is that despite the structural improvements, the quality has definitely slipped from 10-15 years ago.

Most counties have good development squads, training facilities, player welfare, bigger backroom staffing levels, technology and of course the increased amount of training from the players.

Yet the standard up here is fairly poor and imo, not near the level of Dublin and Kerry

Aaron McK said there’s a gap between the top 4 and the rest…I’d go so far as to say there’s a gap between the top 2 and the rest.


Ah jaysus… surely you didn’t think I was being serious?


Mayo have been very close since 2012. Anyway this is the Love Ulster Tirade thread. I just think it goes in cycles. When you consider between 91 and 2010 five Ulster counties won Sam, four of them for the first time, and Down won it twice, Tyrone 3 times, and in at least four or five other years an Ulster team was only narrowly beaten by the winners in a final or semifinal…

An interesting stat, although Tyrone and Dublin have been two of the 3 outstanding teams of the last 15 years, they have never met beyond a Qtr final.


Yes, but by law 45’s have to revert be being 50’s etc.


Of course not…that’s why I said about the Del Monte man!

The big issue is the traffic: Stockman’s Lane and the Andytown Rd.

But on the video yesterday…the planned outer shell will change colour…a bit like the Bayern Munich’s stadium.


Always handy up around that neck of the woods … :wink:


Not to scud Dublin…but their CB is doing a brilliant job by first of all producing this team, and sustaining it with minor and U21 success. Since 2010 they’ve won 4 U21s.

Back in 2005…arguably the zenith for ulster teams…you’d have thought they’d kicked on.

Because since then there’s been a massive investment up here at grass roots levels, the standard of training and coaching is also miles ahead of what it was.

Yet the current Armagh and Tyrone teams are way behind what they were 12 years ago - at all age levels.


Ho ho…just got that.

Well if they can colour it Orange, they might even have the 12th there!


Was just thinking that earlier and wondering what has gone wrong given all the investment and grass roots work. I think what must be acknowledged is that the Tyrone team of the Noughties was simply littered with brilliant players. Many of them were players of a generation who, luckily for Tyrone fans, all came along at the same time. Probably spoiled ye a bit and put an unrealistic expectation on those that followed. Armagh too had a really great team.

An aside on grassroots - I have had a lot of experience of playing in underage tournaments/blitzes in Ulster and the win at all costs mentality (and I am talking U10,11,12 here) is unbelievable and I’m not sure it’s healthy at all tbh.


Clones has it’s own traffic problems, no?

Would a Sunday, 12th July Ulster Final pose problems or would the brethren be ensconced in their Chapels?


Well took us a good 30 mins just to get out of the car park…but at least you can go into Clones from different directions.

With Casement there’s really only one main road - off the M1 - and it’s crazy at the best of times.

But Yes, the brethren will be marching as us pagans play. Mind you…Rufus could do a turn flogging them the Armagh jerseys. Bloody Orangemen.


There probably is an element of sides being fortunate to have so many good players come through at the same time.

Tyrone have struggled to bridge the gap between winning at school / minor level, and winning at U21.

That’s what scares me most about Dublin…the amount of good U21s they have.

Not sure about underage thing, as I’ve only ever experienced it up here. But from the blitzes I’ve been at, the bigger clubs will really hammer you if they can.


The brethren don’t march on a Sunday, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

To be honest, I never found much of an issue with Casement, and I was there the day Derry and Down drew 35,000 to the ground (1992) for an Ulster semi-final. No reason why the existing rail network, along with park and ride facilities, could not be effectively used.


i was there that day also and a less memorable day to attend it was the Derry vs Donegal League match in October 93.

Used always be ok to park on Kennedy way and walk up


Better than Der Alliance too, because it won’t be miles from anywhere with virtually no stalls or beer tents or decent places to stop on the long hike from the train/bus.


Well dare I say it but I can think of 2 or 3 things that have been significant, or maybe those two things are somehow the same:

  1. The dreaded “style of play” question - did Ulster football become too obsessed with an outdated style/approach/tactics, and hasn’t caught up with advances made since the end of the last decade?
  2. Where’s the brilliant younger coaches coming through? MH still with Tyrone, PMcG was still prominent, Geezer hasn’t really progressed, Paul Grimley, one of the best innovators, went south (pun intended), and the others are either tied to weaker counties or haven’t emerged.

Or 3. The investment didn’t develop either skills or/and physicality enough to produce the top teams, and/or the drain of lads to other sports/other countries has taken away too much talent.

Another possibility could be just a loss to some extent of the hunger and drive for success, which again could be tied into one or two things already mentioned above. You know, that culture of success.


On 24 seconds, Cathal McCarron clearly drags his opponent to the ground. No black card. Does it make any difference if it was off-the-ball or not? I don’t think so. It didn’t for Seamus O’Shea when he floored Jonny Cooper in the 2015 All-Ireland Semi Final replay.

Why is Spillane not highlighting this McCarron incident with the rule book in hand? Because he’s a biased pox with a clear agenda, and nothing less.


So does this mean the Kerry need media help to beat Dublin but not Tyrone?


To be honest it’s hard to work out who drags who down, don’t think it matters either way as it’s in a scuffle rather than in play


You don’t have to go to Ulster for the win at all costs mentality . Plenty of it at feile level in Dublin