Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Hardly blue tinted glasses to say that pointing at a scoreboard in response to lads starting shit, 15 years ago, isn’t relevant to Morgan today…


Ah come on . Our defenders sledge forwards all the time .


I simply cited an example , and there are more .Thankfully its not in our game anymore & wouldn’t be tolerated by our management .


SW…seriously mate…you’re sounding like a keeper of the flame on speed.

Trust me, there’ll be a lot worse incidents between now and September.

Just be happy you have a side rated at No.2 (or 3) in football history…according to Pat.


We’ll leave it at that so


Thanks Daller - was genuinely wondering about the context - that’s why I asked. Knew there had to be something for him to go off like that.

@Unbelievable dunno what’s wrong with you on this one at all. And yes our players sledge Bart. And Dermo was involved in the Laois sledging too as far as I remember. Brogan and the lads were (rightly) laughing at Laois lads trying to pick rows when they were getting hammered. One of my pet hates - lads picking rows when they are well beaten - Carlow were at it last night - and O’Grady today trying to drag Kev Mc into something dragging him around the throat. If these guys showed half as much fight earlier maybe they wouldn’t be 10 fooking points down …


So , you hate that but find taunting OK , hmm OK…


When defenders are dragging fellas down, punching them, slapping them and trying to get them sent off because they are on the way home I think pointing at the scoreboard and telling lads to cop themselves on is perfectly acceptable yeah. Beats punching their lights out and getting a stupid ban.


Both are unacceptable .


In your world … not mine. Act the prick and you deserve what you get.


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Can I ask, did the row at the end of the first half take place after the O’Hanlon incident?


Damn good point.

I thought the handbags preceded the miss but maybe it wasn’t.

If so, I’m genuinely surprised NM would lose it. Id see him from school tournaments and he’s very civil…but willing to hold my hands up to that one and say he was 100% the guilty party.

Ps don’t take this admission as any sign of softening from this side of the Moy. The border still remains intact.


I wouldn’t have it any other way! :wink:


Well despite the firm border, I honestly think most fans here would support Armagh outside of ulster. If anything, Tyrone fans have an issue with Derry…certainly on the west of county.

As for N Morgan…if he sledged O’Hanlon without any prior incident then he acted a di*k and deserved a black card.

I don’t know him personally, but I have spoke with him at the underage camps (he’s a primary school teacher) and he’s always civil. Plus it wasn’t even a tense game the way it would be with Derry or in CP.

But now that the Ulster Championship is over…my own opinion is that the overall standard has slipped, but with Tyrone improving since last year.

It’s such a cliché…but without two good ‘marquee’ forwards I can’t see how Tyrone can outscore Dublin or Kerry. Their defences won’t be half as generous as Donegal’s or Downs.

I agree with Dub09 that the overall standard is poor.


One last thing…

At the start of the game, the stadium announcer asked the fans to give a round of applause to all those working on the new Casement Stadium…and they showed a virtual tour on the big screen.

It must’ve been through gritted teeth.

Clones will be the biggest loser if finals aren’t staged there. Yesterday they had 32,000 fans bringing money into the town. That’s a serious loss.


Fair comment. Donegal flattered to deceive in the League and came badly unstuck against Tyrone. Monaghan really took their eye off the ball big time against Down. However Monaghan’s form since has been totally unconvincing. They seem to be struggling to motivate themselves. The challenge of Down next day out might reinvigorate them. However Like Donegal, Jack McCarron has flattered to deceive in the post league period and that suggests that Monaghan remain the one trick pony up front, with McManus taking all the weight.

Form lines can be difficult to gauge, but Cavan must be pants if they had a six point lead at home to Tipp and lost by three. I thought Tipp were limited enough when we beat them, and we should have won a lot more comfortably than by two.


this when the Laois lads were beat so were trying to start a scrap to no doubt get the brogan and co red carded and have them miss a few weeks - so in that case its best to point at the score board.


Can the Ulster Final still be played in Belfast after Brexit?


There’s being magnanimous and then there’s applauding your own death sentence.


Assuming they ever build it and can cope with 30,000 people on the Andytown Rd, the man from Del Monte says Yes.

Why do you question it?