Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017




Morgan was horrible - like wtf was that about?? Refs really need to black card that kind of crap.


People have short memories , I seem to remember a certain Alan Brogan pointing to the score board against Laois in a championship game in the noughties. It was that type of carry on that made us even more unlikable . Thank fxxk we dont carry on like that now but there was loads of incidents like that back then in the Dublin panel .


Not sure what the story was…at the end of the first half there were words between Morgan and the Down player.

Then there were words at the start of the second half.

But other than that it was an easy atmosphere.

There’s usually an edge to playing Aramgh, Derry and even Donegal…but there was none of today.


Are you honestly comparing pointing to a scoreboard to Morgans actions today???


I’ve seen us do worse than just pointing at a score board .


I don’t think both are comparable, I’ve heard this thrown at the Dubs from that era before especially that incident.
What people fail to mention is The Laoise lads were trying to start a row and all Alan did was remind them it was a little too late, always felt Alan did the right thing there.


The Laois players were completely acting the bollox that day. We were hammering them and their defenders were getting up to all sorts. Our lads were just pointing out the score - like saying to them would ye cop on lads. Like their no 2 late on today blackguarding Kevin Mc - if he showed as much fight earlier …

Daller - was Morgan involved with O’Hanlon prior?


Morgans actions?

You’d think he killed someone.

If that’s what keeps you awake at night you’ve a long Summer in front of you.


That’s exactly it.Laois lads were trying to start a scrap and Brogan wasn’t having it.


I know you like to take the piss on most occassions but you’ve surpassed yourself with that comment :joy:


As I say, there was a row at the end of first half when there was a lot of handbags and a row near broke out.

Unless we’re uncivilised up here, that goes on a club games.

I’m genuinely surprised it’s making someone look froward to thrashing Tyrone for their bad manners today.

KOTF wouldnt have a look in.


So you don’t find what Morgan did at all reprehensible?


Daller - just wondering why Morgan got so animated with O’Hanlon - he really gave it to him. I’ll be honest I hate to see that sh1t - even from a Dub.

@Unbelievable Were you at that game? Yes or no


Yes I was . And yes I remember the carrying on . And yes I remember Alan Brogan taunting them in responce to it . Let’s not rewrite history here .



You’re sounding wild dramatic!!

Your local club games must be like croquet if you’re so shocked you’re now looking forward to putting Tyrone back in their box coz of their bad manners.

I’m sure when they make a DVD of GAA’s bad boys…Nial Morgan will hardly make the grade.

As i say, he had words at the end of the first half which most likely spilled into the second half. Hardly the end of the world.


What are you on about? Dublin hammering Laois - their defenders start acting the bollox in a big way trying to start fights - some Dublin players point out they are getting hammered so they should cop on.

What bit of that do you not accept or understand?


Nah my club games aren’t like croquet, but it’s been a long long time since I’ve seen somebody go out of their way to sledge a player with that much venom for missing. It wasn’t like he just had a little word with him, it went beyond that. But if you find that sort of stuff acceptable that’s fine!


Relax will ya , I’m just pointing out what he did . Glass houses & all that . But sure when ya have the blue tinted ones on the whole time there’s no point debating . I remember that very well , Alan was not making the point “cop yourself on” :unamused:


I agree.

But in the same way that there was context to Brogan pointing to the acoreboard…so there was context with Morgan being in a row at the end of the first half.

Apart from the end of the first half, it was a clean game.