Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Mayo got away with that in the 2012 semifinal.


Exactly, that is probably the best instance of it…


Seriously, I have heard of people praising soccer refs for " Letting the game flow " and other being accused of being “Whistle happy” I really thing the big problem is that Gaelic football by nature is extremely hard to ref, How many times do you see a lad in possession surrounded by players and you just don’t know what the decision is going to be, I suppose it just depends on what each individual refs sees at that time


I think I can answer your question Wifi. The answer is because the ref is human, and if he does as you suggest, he’ll be lambasted on national television for ruining the game by being too fussy. It happened a good friend of mine, who reffed a Connacht Final that was played in terrible conditions. He got roundly criticised for not taking account of the conditions and blowing too many frees. I don’t believe he ever got as high profile a game since.


To Rufus’s point…I remember Brian McEniff saying that ulster refs should be in charge of ulster game - as refs from other provinces were too fussy.

Refs are under serious pressure to not spoil the game as ‘a spectacle’.


Aye Daller … Joe Mc Q or Padraig Hughes never spoiled a game.


The best refs are strict but don’t faff around taking ages to talk at length to umpires and look like they are writing the first draft of their new novel in the book. The two Meath refs, Coldrick and Gough are good in this regard - they blow the fouls, show a quick card if needed. Then there’s Marty Duffy…


I hear ye…

Just the match in question had a pile of cards and Brian Mc reckoned there would’ve been less had someone up here ref’d it.

In other words he should’ve understood the belts were good natured. Cough.


which ties in with Brolly’s romanticised view of Down vs Monaghan,

a lot of Ulster managers and pundits view of football is do as we say not as we do


Heard that argument back in the 90s. Segregation, mad stuff


The black card really is a shocking rule. Twice as bad when you’ve refs who can’t apply it properly.


Morgan should have got one for sledging o’Hanlon


anybody got a link?


Ref playing to the scoreline rather than the rules.


Impressive from Tyrone, bit of a swagger from O’Neill too. So Down play Armagh, and Kildare or Dublin Vs Monaghan?


Lovely day and some occasion in Clones on final day. A full house.

But hard to know how good Tyrone are vs how much the standard in Ulster has slipped.

Down never looked liked they could get close and despite the 2pt difference at half-time, Tyrone controlled the game.

The 2nd half was like a training session in patches and Tyrone could’ve won by more. We were in the Eastern stand and it was crazy how much space Down gave away.

But Tyrone look like a team that’s coming together. Some very good defenders (Hampsey won motm again) and upfront Bradley is beginning to prove his doubters wrong that he’s only good at club level for Killyclogher.

And for the first time in a while, there’s quality on the bench with Meyler, McClure and O’Neill making a difference.

As Sean C said in his speech…see yous in Croker.


That’s cuntish behaviour from the Tyrone keeper.


Ah hes a horrible ■■■■.


Pat laying it on very heavy tonight , sure wed probably be giving out if he was criticizing us .


Between O’Neills goal celebration and Morgan being a prick, I really hope we get to play those lads and put them back in their box. Apologies to daller, but this Tyrone team has some thoroughly unlikeable characters