Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


The quality has been decent and has provided good value for money . Leinster provides the same entertainment as shooting fish in a barrel :blush:


Decent Bart - but not exceptional. It would be interesting to see Kildare against those teams tonight. I actually think Meath would give Down a game.


But you reckon Kildare will give the All Ireland champions their fill, :laughing:


Bart fancied Monaghan big time . He is a massive fan of Monaghan


Monaghan s*it the bed against us in the league this year. That game had the air of an All Ireland final for the locals. And they couldnt get the job done. Longford in the qualifier last year, wept. And again tonight. They are what they are, above average and occasionally able to challenge the big boys (Kerry in Tralee this year).

People always expect a well organised and fit team to maintain an upward graph and eventually ‘get over the line’. The reality is theres nearly always the likes of a Monaghan around. The peak of their powers appears to be winning the occasional Ulster title, but world beaters they are not. They remind me of that Waterford hurling team with Ken McGrath et al (albeit Monaghan are in a more competitive competition).

What often strikes me is how shocked/alarmed O’Rourke looks when things go pear shaped. Like he doesnt know how to get the right tune out of them. After 4/5 years in the job that must be a big concern for him.


Forget about McGrath’s Waterford. They remind me of the current Waterford team.


Really? Down had good tactics tonight.(cough ulster tactics) But meath.?? They are a long away from that.


Never thought I’d live to see the day.

And didn’t see Down beating Armagh never mind Monaghan. 4/1 outsiders.

Monaghan entered tonight with one eye of the final. If they played next week I’d put the house on them to win. M

But great to see Down do well.

Just struck me the last time Down met Tyrone in the Ulster final was in '03 - when Dan Gordon nearly won it for them. Peter Canavan got nine points that day to tie the match.


Cast your mind back, september 1994, rain and more rain, we’ve just blown another All-I that was very winnable after owning the ball for the 2nd half, and missing a penalty and an easy rebound. After the final whistle two Down players did a diving big belly-slide in front of the Hill…

Disastrous defeat for Monaghan. About the only positive is that they don’t have to worry about the Tyrone hoodoo now, and could really catch one of the top 3 on the hop in the qualifiers or the Qtr finals. But will hard for them to pick themselves up, unless they get a good draw.

Would have to believe it’s a handy Ulster now for Tyrone, which will probably help them.
Also re-Down, if Marty Clarke was still playing, he’s what age, 31, 32?


Clarke is the ‘right side’ of 30 still. Illness preventing him from playing. Can still remember him beating Kerry almost on his own in a minor final in 2005. His club - An Riocht (The Kingdom). Kerry were beat by Tyrone in the Senior Final the same day. Never saw them as despondent as trudging out of Croker that day. Until we beat them again in last years semi.


One other issue with Monaghan is that as well as recent championship losses to Tyrone Donegal and now Down, they haven’t ever beaten any non Ulster good team in the championship at all really - they have in the league but not so in the championship -

Maybe the Monaghan optimists might say, that could change for them this year - I suspect we’ll end up playing them In croke park so we’ll find out -


Think we’re more likely to get Down assuming we win Leinster and Tyrone win Ulster. In that scenario if Down win their qualifier they’ll play us as they can’t play Tyrone in qf. Am assuming they can’t play Monaghan in qualifier game. Qualifier group Down and Monaghan are in is lot weaker than the other group.


I don’t see anything wrong with that . You didn’t predict Down to win tonight . In fact nobody did .
Lesson there for Dublin going into the Leinster Final. You can’t wait to “peak” forever


Fair point - though monaghans league form tends to be better than their championship form these days


No question that was a disastrous defeat . The best squad they’ve ever had .


Think they can AFAIK, the only matches that can’t be repeated in the qualifiers are provincial finals.


Judging by previous years this is correct


Ok think u might be right. Mind you after last night not sure the result would be very different. Monaghan not good at all. Have 2 rounds of qualifiers to get through to play beaten provincial finalists.


The Vincents game was crazy, it was the one and only time in my life where I thought I saw bias from a ref towards one side.


I see a lot of the reports and comments about the Down Monaghan game talk about how Down were on the edge, or over the edge. Brolly was complementing them for it on TSG. He also said the ref was right for not giving frees.

But you just can’t have a sport where one team can take another team down a level by constantly fouling them. The best team has to win the game otherwise the whole thing is just a lottery not a sport. Jim McGuinness said in the Irish Times that Down put the ref under pressure by giving him so many fouls to blow and they knew he couldn’t blow them all. Why couldn’t he? if there are 500 fouls in a game, the ref has to give them. The alternative is to tell the ref that he can only give 20 fouls in a game and he needs to ration them. There is no other sport in the world where people are praised for not applying the rules of the game.