Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Wow. What a game.

Brolly is gonna have a heart attack tomorrow.


McCarrons done ■■■■ all since his display against us in the league I’ve been told .


Monaghan,WTF. Finally get support for McManus and they go backwards.


The Ulster championship

The championship that keeps on giving . I take it all back . Cracking year this year

Congrats to down . The manager and players have taken a lot of abuse

Monaghan just imploded . Tyrone now serious all Ireland contender as their path just got easier


A game of two Refs! Who ever put Neilan on the National Referees Panel should resign. Well done Down in spite of continuous outrageous decisions against them.


Based on the last two performances I’m not sure. Monaghan were poor against Cavan for the majority of the game also. If they came through today you’d have to imagine Tyrone would have had it easy enough against them


And they let this clown in charge of league final


But on the flip side, with Donegal and Monaghan both under performing, they may very well rock up to the semi finals without having been seriously tested. Not saying we will be either, but that just makes us even.


Donegal won’t be in the last 4. Monaghan had a bad day . If the two teams played next week things would be different


They were poor against Cavan too.


The curse of the letter M strikes for the third weekend in a row!!!


Want side of the qualifiers do they go into?


They were decent against Cavan . Poor today


He also made a total balls of the Vincents/Slaughtneil game.

It is absolutely staggering that this is what is considered acceptable at the highest level.


Has Dublin’s path to the semi final got easier ?

I think it has


Well it was looking like Monaghan, now it’s more likely down v Dublin in quarters all going as expected


Monaghan failed to live up to their billing on that evidence. Its most probable a team with a better array of scorers would of reeled Down in with plenty to spare given they were done scoring with 20 minutes left.

There was no All Ireland pedigree there today on that showing. It was enthralling and I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was poor enough too at times in term of skill and execution.

Given Donegal were abysmal the last day out I’ll reserve judgement on Tyrone until I see them in Croke Park.

Its been an enjoyable Ulster this year, but mainly because the skill level has been average bar for one team.


I disagree. I thought up until McManus got the goal they were very poor.


Monaghan did something similar with us in 2014 - we snatched an unexpected draw in Clones when I sensed they took us for granted. They then beat us comfortably in the replay. Definite feel of that tonight and I’m convinced if Monaghan had snatched a draw, they’d have taken the replay comfortably.

It wasn’t to be - never give a sucker an even break is the old adage - if Monaghan had have had their shooting boots on in the first twenty minutes, that game could have been over. Down kept in touch, grew in confidence, and like any Down team will do, start to play a bit of ball. They built up a lead and held on by their finger nails, with some terrible Monaghan shooting being a primary factor. When it comes down to it, they (Monaghan) still have to lean on McManus.

Monaghan are no world beaters, but they are a better team than Down and they’ll be kicking themselves at an opportunity thrown away.


Yep - Ulster has had some great games but the quality is way down. We were hammering Monaghan 3/4 years back - have they improved? As for McCarron it’s the old Dub09 adage … one good game does not a Superstar make! Play a lot of games, tournaments in the Mournes. They love their football. I think Marty said they last won Ulster in 1994!! Wow! But I fear a tanking in the final …