Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Quality scores here , replays are making a bollix of this game .




Peno…seriously? Did he not trip over yer man?


RTÉ a disgrace.

A short kick out gets exactly what it deserves.


Wow , will need 15 points unanswered at the moment for that to come through .


Using the BBC feed apparently so BBC director making a balls of it, as per last week too.


Is tension ever anything other than “palpable” ? :smirk:


Monaghan rattled here .


RTÉ the same.

Monaghan absolutely imploding.

Hateful football. Niggling at every stoppage in play. Just like every other Ulster game this year.


Monaghan look flat. I just put €50 on Westmeath …


Never a penalty in my opinion. Huge call in a game like this.


50c bet?


Ah Down will blow this , Monaghan will get a few goals & be right back in it .


Jaysus I think it’s very enjoyable. Nothing you don’t see in most other games. You’re one narky bloke Alan …


Its inter county , he hates it :joy:


I’m really enjoying this game too. Love to see Down hold out. Always had a soft spot for them


He’s just come from the Hurling forum, he needs 20 minutes to calm down!


Clear peno in my opinion. Yes the defender fell but still took the Down player out because of it.




Is it the colours?