Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


He should get POTY for being such a cynical…errr I mean having such a hateful role…


Not creating something out of nothing just highlighting the negativity towards our chances that I feel is permeating through the various threads. By all means we should look at our own weaknesses and try and address them but for me we are not in as weak a position as feel others think we are. For as long as I can remember we have had to address our midfield problems and yet we seem to get by. Could we overcome losing Rory and Jack, we did. We were just as ropey in the league last year as we were this year at times but came good in the Championship.


Stop that positivity now dub_in_exile … yet again we are doomed! Accept it … some day it will happen and THEY will be right … and we will lope into the corner slurping our Kool Aid and pining for the good old days …


Dublin are still the team to beat.

But if there is negativity it’s probably because doing 3 in an almost almost impossible task.

Throw in the loss of DC…BB getting older and whether players can maintain form…and it looks harder.

I’ll say 10 Hail Mary’s after this…but I think this year is set up for Kerry.


Please don’t take this the wrong way…but would you ever FCUK OFF !!! :rage::rage::rage:


Keep saying it Proud Dub … but you should be in the UN or such …


Boutros Boutros Ghali is my middle name(s) :slightly_smiling_face:


Jasus, there’s just no need for this kind is meanness, and you a respected guest on here.

/me cries.


Not to worry…we’ve fish wives up here as well.


I married one of 'dem.


It gives me unbridled joy to read the plaintive cries of Jum Mc Gunness in the Irish Times. The horrible shite that he injected into Donegal is starting to fail. He should stick to association football from now on.


Can’t wait till we win it this year, and we can finally start focusing on why we won’t do the four in a row.


The Ulster Championship?


Just joining in with the de facto trend in this thread.


I think Monaghan will come good this year, on their day they can beat anyone. backed them each way at 50/1 before the Fermanagh game.


Jay us like something out of the WWE , two lads taken out at the same time .


Couple of earlier misses for Monaghan .


Earlier than what??


Damn predictive text :yum:


Diabolical shooting. Marty trying to pretend it’ll be close but Down look so so limited