Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


They aren’t related as players. Donnelly is technically superior in every aspect of the game
MDMA is a link man and fetcher. Donnelly could play anywhere


Donnelly is very good but he has been poor in his last two championship outings in croke park against Mayo and Kerry


He scored 3 points from play against Mayo last year playing at midfield


I thought that too.


After SC picked up his second yellow and Mayo had the extra man…Lee Keegan then switched to MD and did a good smothering him.

Must be a hateful role to play…but Lee K is very effective.


Whatever his technical limitations, MDMA played that link role brilliantly. Though I’m sure Trillick will be glad for the compliment…


Agreed upthedall – people forget MDMAs contributions between 2010 and 2013 especially a little too easily. He was the countrys outstanding.midfielder during that period and a big reason for Dublin’s rise to success.


Donnelly would walk into the Dublin team. MDMA was brilliant for 3-4 years . But nobody could sustain that athleticism for a long period of time .
If he was at his peak with Fenton now …,


Tyrone look very impressive, Its look like the underage work is paying of again and they could be in for a few good years. There bench is up there with ours, I have a feeling it could be there year.


Gas on here sonetimes. A team produces one decent performance against limited opposition and all of a sudden they are real contenders. All previous ordinary and poor performances are forgotten.


It was the quality of the point taking for me.
However Monaghan could take them .


Point taking was good yesterday B in perfect conditions but it has been very poor a lot of the time. Last year they kicked some great scores in the Cavan draw but were afraid to shoot the further they got. Will be an interesting final no doubt.


The top 3 are still Dublin, Kerry and Mayo…with Tyrone or Monaghan filling 4th spot.

Of those 4 teams, I don’t think Dublin and Mayo will be as good this year…so even if Kerry and Tyrone/Monaghan don’t improve, the gap will have narrowed.

I’m not really sticking my neck out here…but its Kerry for me. And unless Tyrone and Monaghan find more scorers, they’ll struggle to win Sam.


From the games I’ve saw, I think it’ll be Tyrone.

I just think Tyrone are better on the big occasions, have a better head-to-head, have more attacking options, and seem to have clicked into gear.

And Down will be poor preparation for Monaghan.


Monaghan have better marquee forwards in my opinion. However I do think Tyrone overall will do it by a point or two


There have been a few on here the last couple of years saying this Tyrone team have great potential, myself included. The big “if” was their ability to take scores. Up until yesterday any time I had seen them they lacked confidence in front of the posts. If they can back that performance up with a similar one I think they could jump above Mayo with the bookies.
But, Donegal were very poor. They gave them acres of space around the 40, they were obviously under instruction to defend very deep because they didn’t see a massive scoring threat further out. Very bad in game management not to change tact when it was clear to see Tyrone were on fire from distance. I would imagine Monaghan will set up to start making contact in packs higher up the field.
Also, Donegal were turned over with ease, the young men just couldn’t break the tackle, most of the Monaghan boys are big lumps that won’t be as easily stopped.

Really looking forward to that final. There could be a draw on the cards. Ulster is by far the most exciting championship.


"However Monaghan could take them ".
I reckon you will probably get this one right:laughing:


Tyrone are 6/1
Mayo are 12/1
If the bookies know anything !


I hadn’t even looked, big price on Mayo considering how close they came last year after losing in the provincial champo.


But they are in the last chance saloon now …