Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


I doubt it too but most days you will either get resistance from a better team or those shots won’t go over. Should be interesting days ahead if Tyrone are back. Ulster Final will be a good watch.


Always find it strange that if we get a 12 point win over an ultra defensive team like Carlow who IMO were only close to that through an inept referee/officials performance it is a sign we will struggle and won’t win the AI, even people talking up the Flour bags as potential Leinster Championship hopefully after beating a team from the filth still relying on Menton and Reilly to pull them through is just madness. Kerry struggle against Clare but they’re Cute Hoors not showing their hand and will win Munster handy and be our main concern at the business end and even ahead of us by a lot of reckoning. Tyrone are now a great concern after today and Mayo are still in the hunt and real worry after again being beaten by Galway
We lose Diarmo until the Semi and have no chance, Jaysus lads in the words of Oddball, what’s with all the negativity Man.
We have at this moment in time as much chance as the other top 4-6 teams to win the AI and IMO more because:
A. We have the best squad in the country
B. The best manager
C. The goal of 3 in a row which will still motivate multiple AI winners
When you hear conversation about wouldn’t like to meat a wounded Donegal after a run of games, could you imagine what they will feel if they draw us knowing that in the league a sodden pitch and poor referee saved them from a hiding
IMO it is between us and the KOTF for the AI and I still fancy us even without DC as we have the more skilful and determined team.


To counter that

Carlow are Div 4 and Clare are Div 2. Kerry played with 14 men as well.


That for me is no counter, Carlow had 14 also but with the way they were playing altered little. Kerry weren’t without 15 for a long period and as shown by the Championship with Tipperary last year the gap between the lower divisions is not as big.


I think your trying to create something out of nothing here. I havn’t read one post where anyone tipped Kildare to beat us in a potential Leinster Final. But some have identified areas where they are strong and where we are weaker and rightly, imo, view it as decent litmus test of what may lie ahead.

With the introduction of the Mark, if we get cleaned in the middle v’s Kildare it will not bode well for what lies ahead.

Tyrone have been hiding in the murky water for a while now and if they can improve up front its not rocket science they will be very difficult to beat. Still i think its fair to say we will not know the full extent of that until the quarters and beyond. They minced a team today who we made very hard work out of only last year.

Ultimately, there is little a division one team will learn from playing a Division 3-4 team and Dublin/Carlow and Kerry/Clare can be included in that. Bar a generational shock the Division 1 team will win and the margin is usually meaningless once there is a degree of comfort. But those games give indicators, the league gives indicators, and the main one for me in we have a big problem in the full forward line. And while i agree that overall from 1-20 we have the best team and manager, i believe we will not win the championship this year unless midfield and the full forward line improves to a significant degree. In nearly all our key games we have needed a turn and shoot forward to get match defining scores and I don’t see that player there this year as of yet.


You can’t use one team as a barometer of a gap. Clare are immeasurably superior opposition to Carlow.

Dublin’s form this year is patchy at best. And the jury is still out on the young pretenders till they deliver.


People still using Carlows blanket as an excuse for Dublins performance, seriously? Carlow? I’ll hold fire on Tyrone. They would be favorites to beat Monaghan based on recent history so that game could tell alot. Then again both sides have won Ulster titles in the last 3 years and not really progressed beyond so winning the Anglo Celt not the be-all and end-all that it kind of has been.
Can’t see Down challenging either.


It’s normal enough to look for signs of weakness in the champions…and signs of hope for the challengers.

Otherwise sports news wouldn’t be as interesting.

But if in doubt check out the bookies odds…and they’re rarely wrong.

Still think the best 2 teams are Kerry and Dublin…though the Dublin’s gap has narrowed.


Hampsey was excellent, he kept Murphy under wraps and he didn’t allow him do any damage with ball in hand.

Tyrone were very impassive in both attack with their shooting and also in their defence and the energy they produced


Think there are two kind of blanket set ups, one is focussed on damage limitation, the easiest version as you don’t have to worry about breaking forward, the other is blanket with a view to winning the game, the second version is much harder to put into practice as you need a forward or two that can guarantee you a very high conversion rate, up until now the reality is the only team that have had success with the second version was Donegal.
If a team like Carlow or any other team decides to sit in front of their goal for 70 minutes it leaves you with two choices , burst your gut trying to break through them or simply pick off your scores with patience and let them beat themselves.


McGuinness def got out at right time. Gallagher laying down foundations which next Donegal manager will get the benefits of.


Padraig Hampsey is a good reader of the game and very mobile. Also gets a few points.

That’s a few games on the bounce where he’s been motm.

Saw him play in the O’Neill cup (Tyrone club c’ship) when he kept McAliskey quiet.


**[quote=“upthedall, post:230, topic:2068, full:true”]

It’s normal enough to look for signs of weakness in the champions…and signs of hope for the challengers.

Otherwise sports news wouldn’t be as interesting.

But if in doubt check out the bookies odds…and they’re rarely wrong.

Still think the best 2 teams are Kerry and Dublin…though the Dublin’s gap has narrowed.

The one point after a replay gap? Not much room for manoevre.


Think you’re right. Donegal dominate underage up here and their U21s gave tryone a hammering.

Donegal maybe had too many young players whereas a lot of Tyrones players are coming into their peak.

Mattie Donnelly is coming of age. He reminds me of MDMA with his power and burst of pace. Not as good at the man himself in his prime…but close to him.


They’re in the weakest 5 or 6 teams in Ireland. And it was about Dublins performance, not anything Carlow did. It’s a risible excuse for a very flat performance, simple as. Dublin in the last 4 or 5 years would have won that game by 20 points or more with no struggle. The 4th division blanket would have been shredded.

Its not a sin to call it what it was, flat. Carlow were irrelevant.


Forget the score line. Look at the odds.

Dublin under Jim G have never beaten Tyrone by more than a single point. But you wouldnt say they’ve been neck and neck this past 4 years.


I would agree 100% that Carlow are what they are and also that the performance was poor, but if you look back since 2014, we have been more inclined to do the necessary against these teams rather than trying to blow them out of the water. My take on the Carlow game was that we were in full control from start to finish and it was job done, after that , yep I would have loved a gung ho attitude, but we have not been doing that for a while now.
Personally I would be more concerned with what I saw in the league, games where we really struggled to get a result and in few cases you could say luck was on our side, but Carlow was a hiding to nothing, they decided to concede the game and we accepted.


Jaysus will you stop . He’s a much better player then MDMA


Now…or the MDMA that was poty in 2013?

I’d be happy to compare the two of them, but MDMA was more effective at bursting from MF, whereas Mattie has tried different positions from centre back, midfield and now corner forward. Not sure that’s his best role but…


Predictable change of goalposts in this endless decreasing circles argument. My point was directed at the frequent use of “Carlow’s blanket defence” as a reason why Dublin didn’t look so good. Just that. The rest of it is all stuff we all agree on.