Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


How do RTE still wheel out Martin Carney? It must be said he is so out of date with modern game.


Decent game that. I’m one of McManus’ biggest fans and he was good today but I was gutted when I seen him going down clutching his face trying to get the keeper sent off. Very poor


You’d have a great game of Martin Carney Bingo with all the same phrases he uses over and over again regardless of the game.

Very much so!!

It must be said!!

Certainly a black card!!


Aye but the game would be over after 4 or 5 minutes …


Or a drinking game but you wouldn’t be able to stand by half time.


And a whiskey for every :
’… absolutely no malice there
’… he caressed it over the bar’

Does he talk like that at home?


He’s also an irksome individual and very hard to listen to. Then again, considering the talents of Darragh Moloney and John Murray…Jesus wept.


Darragh’s all right as he’s a Northsider :wink:


Yeh but he follows the Sc… err I mean Shams


Everyone in RTE does.


Was last Donegal point a yard wide or is my eyesight going?


More open game than normal - Tyrone kicking the ball a bit


Murphys ? Looked spectacular but also looked wide from the odd angle of camera .


Decent game here so far .


Tyrone well on top now - they look good - massive long range scores

Donegal very overrated - won’t be doing much this year


Tyrones shooting has been excellent so far and are looking good but Donegal are poison and won’t be doing anything this year.


Tyrone have been outstanding . Anyone who thinks Dublin is going to walk anything this year is kidding themselves


Ref is very strict on overcarrying.


Brendan Devenney and others taked up this Donegal bunch a bit much - in reality they are in transition and could be a long time before they are top 4 again


Very surprised at how poor Donegal are, was expecting more from them.

Tyrone kicking some nice points, Cavanagh should have buried that chance instead of blasting straight at the keeper.