UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


4 teams from this competition (One in each league) will qualify.


Who on this forum gives a monkey?


Actually I do. I ll follow Ireland, go to games. They re shite but that’s when you support the team. Dublin were shite too at many times but I kept going.


Coleman is the only one who would have a chance of playing Champions’ League football for a decent club. The rest are either past their best, Championship level or both.


Malcolm McLaren would do a better job.


Shane Duffy is a solid top 10 centre back infairness


Agreed. I think what has turned people off is MON’s type of football, dislike of Keaneo, and the FAI.
That and the fact that alot of people are glory- hunting bandwagoners!


I m all for Keane and MON to go. They had a decent run , wins over Italy , Germany, Austria and wales away, euro qualification. Style of play is dreadful though now.


That german result still makes me laugh, absolutely battered for 85 minutes, a hoof over every player on the pitch, a flukey shin control and a thumping finish. Biggest fluke of a result i have ever seen.


It was but the record books show 1-0 . It does nt say anything else.


Germany were shite then and have continued to be since. We took four points off them in those qualifiers, say no more.

Lowe survives because he won the WC.


I know yea. it was brilliantly hilarious.


Is it a holiday in Northern Ireland today?


Every day is a holiday in NI if you are a politician.


Why would NI be playing a game on a weekday at 2 pm local time


Stark difference in style of play between us & the north . They are actually OK to watch , they give it a go & don’t sit back .


Eh ?


Sorry Saturday at 2pm but still…


They appear to be spacing the games out over the day .Ukraine Slovakia is on at 2pm tomorrow too .


Since when is Besic a right back?