UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Rice must be Irish … sure did he not come from a Paddy field?? Ok ok … I’ll get the coat …


you do have to realize we were missing a lot of players last night aswel that would of made a difference young lads got hung out to dry


Was last night not just a case of a way way better team beating an inferior one.

We absolutely robbed them last year in Cardiff.

Not sure what Zidane could do much different to mon, we simply dont have the players. We punched way above our weight for years and when we’re down a few regulars the back ups are nowhere near it


That is what makes it even worse. We were missing players but our set up got torn to shreds and O’Neill did little to fix it mid game or at half time.

We had a near full strength team when we got torn to shreds by Denmark not too long ago.

At the moment we’ve a manager who seems clueless, as in he has no idea of his strongest 11 and an Assistant Manager fighting with players and questioning the passion for the jersey of the English born ones in the squad.


as they say is it time to get rid of management and bring in BIG SAM


Bring back Big Mick would be my thinking.


so were wales apparently.


who were wales missing they stll had bale allen and ramsey Williams at the back with ben davis and Hennessy in goal


They had two keepers??? No wonder they won!


We did well to score then :rofl:


great to have a bit of banter god help us against Denmark next month


The way we played last night, their Fussball team would beat us


He could play a decent brand of passing football.


bring in wenger


Agreed… it was also the case of those on the line not reacting to the obvious. Wales played 3 in midfield, O’Neill persisted in only 2. (Hendrick & Hourihane). We got swamped and even though Myler (Man of the Match last time the 2 sides met) was sitting on the bench, O’Neill didn’t try to change things…


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You mean Danny Maguire?


I saw the highlights of Germany v France and it wasn’t a very good game by the looks of it. Major nations is a very subjective term though.

EDIT - Watching Turkey v Russia this afternoon

FT :tr: 1 :ru: 2

Turkey really poor tonight against Russia. Didn’t really start playing until the last 20. Mario Fernades with the cross headed on by Daler Kuzyayev aimed towards the big man Artem Dzyuba originally headed away by the Turkish right back Şener Özbayraklı only as far as Denis Cheryshev (one of the stars for Russia at the world cup) who volleyed really well into the top corner. Another half chance for Russia as Mario Fernades slipped in Kuzyayev who dragged his shot comfortably wide in the end. Without creating much of anything Turkey were able to wualize with their first shot on target as Cengiz Ünder played a short free kick in behind for Hakan Çalhanoğlu who’s crossed wasn’t headed away convincingly by Georgi Dzhikiya and was fired home by center half Serdar Aziz. He was taken off at half time though by head coach Mircea Lucescu replaced by Kaan Ayhan who mad a mistake early in the 2nd half when Yury Gazinsky played a ball over the top to Artem Dzyuba. Ayhan did not step up quickly enough where his center back partner Çağlar Söyüncü pushed up to play the off sides trap. Dzyuba finished effortlessly what turned out to be the winner. He also struck the cross bar on the turn late on. Turkey had a few chances late. Okay Yokuşlu couldn’t quite steer a great free kick in on target and Ünder cutting inside had his shot saved. A late Çalhanoğlu chance was stopped well by Andrey Lunev.


Are these games the Euro 20 qualifiers or are these leagues a different competition ?


There is a link to euro 2020 qualifying but you need a PhD in physics to figure it out apparently.