UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


I watched for 20 minutes and turned it off. I had to watch a few Dub Highlights then to clear my head.


Is this a competitive match, as in it means something?

This has got to be the weakest starting 11 in a very long time





4-1 Shaun Williams


An OG? Very Welsh name!


Ex sporting fingal player , did you never see him show his skills at santry stadium!


I thought it was a snooker player - especially as it was heading for a snooker score. Steve McLaren is the man for the job …


Jeysus no. I went there a few times with the kids trying out athletics, but that’s it!


Where’s @Ohm 's report???


The dog ate it :wink:


You might when you’re playing Georgia in League C next cycle :sunglasses:


Up to you if you want an Armenia v Liechtenstein report or not?


That’s a tricky one if we said no would you be upset?


a poster on the ybig forum listed 11 players who are playing at a decent level, including on the continent, who MON hasnt as much as looked at. They are ragin over there at the 17 year old lad for wales last night whose dad is from the SCR. They’re saying MON couldnt be arsed looking for young lpayers, wales have capped a lot very early to stop them going to england etc. Damnning stuff, if true.


Meh. That typical moaning after a loss. You can’t say he hasn’t tried youth, the problem is all out decent older players are gone. Wales have some serious quality to slot the kids in around. Bale, Allen (was running the show last time we met till he went off) and that other guy I can’t rememebr his name. We have Coleman, who is only back from a long injury lay off and at a push waters who is average enough.


Things might change if mon is moved on.


How about a report on some of the games involving the major nations?


Hopefully he’ll bring Keane & Delaney with him


May I be the first to welcome Declan Rice to Res Dubs…


He may as well be here, cause if he endured that crap last night, he’d wonder why he would ever want to play in green.

It was an average Wales team that we made look like world class, in truth 4-1 flattered us, we were much worse than that!