UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Since when ?

And also what Yank calls soccer Football?


Its basically the equivalent of John in Ireland or Alexander in Russia I guess.


Seen on the guardian earlier that Keane has fallen out with Arter so 'arry has dropped himself?


No one here cares about Kazistan v Wheverthefeckatovia - it’s really pointless listing teams etc.


How are Brazil getting on? "Heard they have new superstar called Pugnaldo




Wales 1 up already. For those who don t have sky and can t be arsed to go to the boozer to watch it , it’s on s4c which can be added to the other channels option on sky. For sky frequency just google it .


[quote=“Tayto, post:104, topic:2992, full:true”]

No one here cares about Kazistan v Wheverthefeckatovia - it’s really pointless listing teams etc.
[/quote]You are making those countries up tayto admit it.


Total apathy towards the Irish soccer team tbh. Zero interest


I can just about muster interest … sometimes … Everyone goes on about Gaelic football being hard to watch (i don’t agree) but soccer at the level we play it is hard on the eye.


Wales 2-0 bale great strike. I m turning into Ohm .


Lovely goal .
Painful watching Ireland these days .


Amapu in midfield for Wales is the son of former Irish u21 and past pupil of o connells kwame


We’re playing tonight? … missed that entirely :rofl:

Or should i say we’re in a match tonight. Sounds like we’re stinking the place out.


I’ve already switched over to Germany France…


Was just about to post that as a question to anyone watching.
Trying to guess who the player was would have been a damb sight more interesting than the game.
Fine footballer Kwame.


3-0 Wales. John Delaney would be better off putting money into coaching rather than giving himself pay rises.


our coaches are too busy annoying players.

this is very bad tonight, we have such a shallow pool of talent that injuries and defections will really wallop us.


Even Brazil would miss the Sports Personality of the Year …


Personality is the key phrase there, not sportsperson of the year.