UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Ah here ffs. FAI should be ashamed of themselves


Will be some craic if it’s announced on the night !


The FAI say that “Declan Rice will not be in Dublin for the ‘3’ FAI International Awards ceremony”. Maybe they’ll do present it to him via a televised link …

They could always ask Jack Grealish to present it to him :grin:


You have to be aware and intelligent to be ashamed of yourself so I guess that rules John Delaney and co out.


On bbc football the headline is England’s Declan Rice is named Rep of Ireland young POTY. Sigh


I’d expect Sky Sports News to get at least 3wks out of the story :joy:


why the fook can they not just make him ineligible for the award and give it to whoever got the 2nd most votes…absolute fucktards in the FAI!!


That would be common sense alright,but the FAI dont do common sense



They should ask Rory McIlroy or John Bruton to present it.
Oh, and have the presentation in Raqqa.



Rice called up to the English squad aswell


Rice will have 30 seconds as a cameo appearance at the end of one of the games and will probably never get called up again.


Why no Ryan Nolan ? Good enough for the inter Milan bench for a Europa league game surely good enough for this squad?


On Stand by list apparently.


Ryan Johansson playing with Bayern



My guess is he’ll have a really good career with England and win 50+ caps.

I’m thrilled he won YPOTY anything that shows Delaney/FAI for the buffoons that they are can only be viewed positively


You will love this so


Curious as to what this’ll be. Obviously something that worried JD enough to try and get an emergency injunction on a BH weekend