UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Getting back into form last few games for Bayern. Only 29 .Think he still has a lot to offer.


He couldnt be only 29!!


Good to see Mick McCarthy investing in youth like Glenn Whelan, who most thought had retired after the Nth Ireland game last November.



Players from the 4th tier of English football. We re screwed , we ll be lucky to finish above Georgia.


Five goalies might be just the answer …


In fairness Amond has scored against the likes of City and Leicester this year. Long couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo with his form over the last few years. No issues with Amond or Collins for me. Both strikers that are knocking them in and full of confidence as a result


can we play them all at the same time?


He s 30 if he was 20 I say good experience for him. Only for the euro 2020 games in Dublin we be picking younger players and sacrificing qualifications ( which we usually do anyway). Mark Lawrenson was a 4th division player when selected for his debut so sometimes it worth a go.


Looking like Bamford is on board judging by Mick’s comments yesterday. Great addition if so. We’ll know for certain with the squad in June for the away match against Denmark and home game against Gibraltar.


A decent addition Bamford.


Turbidy has given tickets for the Georgia match to everyone in the audience. It’s official now Irish football at international level is a laughing stock( well it has been but now it’s utterly certain). Delaney should be shot for this carry on.


Absolute disgrace, they’re not even for the Georgia end…


They probably thought they were tickets for The Masters…


Paddy Bamford ( we ll hibernify him) scores for Leeds , sign him up mick .


All joking aside it is a disgrace. Fans who have bought the Fai season ticket are being taken for fools here. Delaney and co really are a disgrace.


How ? There’s always a certain amount the FAI will give out in various competitions or whatever. Not exactly doing it on the Late Late for every game and I say this as a ST holder for the last 10 years or so. About 100/150 tickets last night


They ve been giving away tickets for games for a while now to boost attendances. You shell out money for a season ticket , a loyal supporter and then somebody who maybe does nt contribute gets a free ticket cause they happen to be in the late late audience. You are a more gracious man than me . I think it’s an insult to those who attend regularly and pay money for their tickets.


There’s a massive bandwagon element when it comes to the national team IMO. If we were playing England, Germany, France or Spain in June people would be crawling out of the woodwork looking for tickets. Core support (those who would go to almost every home game) IMO is about 15-20k


I agree re bandwagon elements and I don t mind people winning tickets in a competition that’s fine but giving them away is another thing altogether. The nurse who saved the bus driver was the only one who derserved the tickets in the late late audience.


That’s harsh on the nurse. After saving a guys life in the manner she did, she’s a hero and there’s no-way she should be asked to endure watching the Irish Team.