UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification



Brilliant stuff.
Smoking and drinking on television, the health fascists would faint if they saw it.



He has played underage for England and his instagram pic has him in an England jersey.


Born and raised in Dublin, started playing with tolka at the age of 5, moved to Kevin’s at 7 and signed by arsenal at 11, played for the Irish u16s before deciding to switch to the English u16s in the same year. Played twice for the English u17s before being dropped last August…

There’s also this

“Born to Nigerian parents, the 16-year-old has played for both the England and Republic of Ireland youth sides but told the Irish Times last year that he felt a closer connection to the nation of his birth.”



Teenage prodigy? Dropped by england u17s. Arsenal willingly selling him. Hmmm. Suspect he’s the latest irish player to be hyped way beyond his ability.


To be fair, apparently he turned down a new contract at Arsenal.


Oh yea? Why would he do that unless he knew he was going nowhere there.


He seems to reckon he’s got a chance of getting first team football at Celtic fairly soon, which obviously would have been a lot more of a task at arsenal.


exactly. Look hope it works out for him, just if he was a “prodigy” he’d make the grade at Arsenal. Good luck to the kid anyways, god kno s we could use a decent striker


Makes his choice of England more bizarre. Eligible for them through residency only. Born in dublin plays for Celtic plays for England, hmmm.


Is Bamford worth a realistic shot? 6 goals in his last 7 games for Leeds or something like that


A very well-spoken young man. Maybe get him on the rugby team instead.


McCarthy has spoken to him alright. Waiting on him now.


Mick hoping to meet with Bamford at some stage this week he’s spoken to him since Friday night. Would be a welcome addition. Not exactly spoilt for choice with goalscorers


Jogi Loew has told Hummels,j Boateng and T Mueller he won t be picking them for Germany anymore. No messing around there. Mind you I think he s wrong about Mueller, still a good player imho.


Should’ve done it at least two years ago. I’m amazed he’s still in charge.


Some scapegoating going on sure but Mueller is still a top player . Loew has had a good run the dfb should have got rid of him after the wc.


Mueller has been ineffective for a good while now. He’s like that lad in Mayo.


Agree a really great player and even though past his best the last 2 years still real quality