UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Desperation over nothing you mean …


Loose lips sink ships :wink:


Nothing like a good laser light show…


Rumours circulating that Keane may be responsible for Rice & Arters withdrawal from irish squad . Sad state of affairs if true .


It’s true re Arter, at least quotes from O’Neill seem to confirm as much.


We’re not exactly in a position to be turning guys off like this playing for us . Keane’s track record is pretty shit for this kinda stuff.


Should mention some of the Danish players are kind of strike at the moment with the FA and their team won’t be nearly as strong as it usually is. Could make the group very interesting.


The whole thing is a joke … Keane is right. No fcuking pride as Ciaran Fitzgerald might say …


You guys might still have a chance to stay up as Denmark have only selected amateurs players from 3rd and 4th divisions and some members of the futsal team due to the ongoing dispute with their board. None of these players have ever been capped obviously.


Not a single comment on the All Ireland final but in-depth match reports on non-descript Europa League matches?!? I think you’re on the wrong forum pal. This is a GAA forum with no interest in the Europa League or Danish fusbal. You seem to have a wealth of knowledge but it is utterly wasted here.


I’ve got a lot to say about the all ireland final. Just need some time to see the match again to give a proper summary. Congrats on the historic 4-in-a-row though. Howard getting in the team of the year as a half forward was strange because he’s played more in the half-backs.


Ah that’s a pity. You usually post the cracking Europa League reports straight away. Howard played HF mostly.


It was mixed this year though but he transitions from defense to attack so smoothly.


They all do


Total futbal, ya?


HT :kazakhstan: 0 :georgia: 0

Pretty decent 1st half in Astana without the game completely coming to life. Early effort for Georgia outside the box from center mid Nika Kvekviskiri saved by Kazakhstan goalie Nenad Eric. Best chance for Georgia came when the 19 yr old Gent man Giorgi Chakvetadze slipped in lb Giorgi Navaloski who looked to play a yard across to forward Giorgi Kvilitaia. Eventually it came back to Navaloski who thought he had given them the lead only for the ball to be cleared off the line by Kazakhstan captain Dmitri Shomko who definitely saved a goal. Then it was Shomko who produced on the offensive side with a strong wipped in cross that wasn’t caught cleanly by Giorgi Loria headed back at goal by Islambek Kuat only to be acrobatically cleared off the line by Navaloski. Georgia seem to have more quality going forward.

FT HT :kazakhstan: 0 :georgia: 2

Georgia the more convincing team going forward and they got their lead through a wonderful Giorgi Chakvetadze individual effort hit into the top corner of the net. Chakvetadze involved again in the second goal playing a ball wide to Valeri Qazaishvili who’s shot was was well stopped by goalie Nenad Eric only to go off Serhiy Malyi’s foot and into his own net. Kazakhstan had a penalty shout early in the 2nd half when Aleksey Shchotkin felt he had been caught when taking a shot inside the box but no penalty was given.


you’re a stronger man than me to be able to stomach that. :+1:


Everyone from Georgia seems to be called Giorgi. Presumably that’s why they’re called Georgia.


Honestly please stop spamming the site

It’s a Dublin GAA site nobody gives a shite about Mickey Mouse soccer matches.


I’m not spamming the site. I know you don’t like football.