UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


I don’t get what the big deal is over this. He chose the nation of his birth because he got a sniff of success. He is an average enough player who happens to play in a position that the English are poor enough in at the minute with their options being Henderson, Dier, Winks, and maybe Delph. He says he is a proud Englishman so let him off.

Not that it is going to happen but the FAI should be focussing more on Irish talent from Ireland than chasing the English lads. No harm in doing what Wales done with the likes of Ben Woodburn, Harry Wilson, David Brooks and the Manchester City young lads they have. Bring them into the fold young and cap them competitively. Troy Parrot and Ryan Nolan should be examples of this.

But we will not progress as a nation in ground ball as long as JD is the main man


This incident happens to be more the exception.
The rule actually generally helps the smaller nations get a wider pick of players. We have just happened to have two high profile ones lately.
I know a lot of players that have played underage for France for example have ended up playing for various other teams.
We have done it often enough in the recent past as well, lads like Duffy, McClean, Gibson, Clark, Alex Pearce spring to mind straight away.
It’s annoying cause I think this guy is very good but them the breaks.


He might be average but that makes him better than the majority of players we have.


This will get the rest of the players going and kick them on. Ireland Euro 2020 champs


Total agree here. Grannys rule worked in 90s but now bringing in duds like Callum Robinson(who had 30 England underage caps) and Cyrus Christie. Now chancing Nathan Redmond, Will Keane and Patrick Bamford when they chose England over us previously.


Mark Wilson came from the north too. Throw in McGeady and McCarthy from Scotland. We have produced nothing since Keane, Duff and Dunne. While Delaney us in charge nothing will improve when employing likes of Noel King and Fran Gavin.




David brooks and Woodburn were born in England. Wales pick as many English born players as we do.


I meant cap them competitively


Ok I misunderstood your post. The opportunity for Rice was v Moldova.


And the irony is Brooks would more than certainly be in line for an England cap very soon. Woodburn probably at some stage too. Wales got them capped early, which i guess is sneakers point. Pity we hadnt flung Rice on for a couple of minutes as you say, and watch him (or more likely his agent) cry a river when missing out on all the endorsements he’ll be due now, and better contracts etc,


he wasnt on the bench in that team

Ireland: Randolph, Ward, Clark Duffy, Christie, O’Dowda, Hendrick, Meyler, Hoolahan, Murphy, Long

Subs: Doyle, Elliot, O’Shea, Keogh, Long, Whelan, O’Kane, Arter, McGeady, Hourihane, Hogan, Maguire


Rice’s links are with Cork. That explains that then…


Cork shire strikes again.


yeah he played against Austria u21 s the night before. My error. It seems every paper who said he should have been brought on meant he should have been in the squad. Point still stands though O neill should have capped him competitively and Rice would have accepted at that time imo.


Thrown him straight into the pan?



Playing well in the Eredivisie by all accounts


Reminds me of McAteer’s story…I recall him saying once that he only had Ireland jerseys growing up.

These are the lads you want.