UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Thought he might. Do you really want someone who takes months to think about what country he wants to play for. It’s supposed to mean something, not like the rugger with South African born lads deciding at 24 that they always wanted to represent Ireland.


First they took our potatoes, now they’re taking our Rice!



Well he played 23 times from u16 to senior level for the rep. He did seem fully committed. Think o neill dropped the ball on this . Rice could have been capped v Moldova and this scenario would not have occurred. Presumably Inger land wc exploits turned his head.


$$$$$$$$$$ An English Cap carries far more weight in salary negotiations than a cap from the RoI.
That’s the bottom line.


Who are the 2 Highest paid British players? Both are welsh . Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey will be after he moves to Juventus. Bale could have played for England but did nt. Being Irish did nt stop Keane , Duff etc earning big bucks. If you are an average perm league player and you pick up a few England caps maybe but if you are a quality player and Rice looks like he will be ,his nationality won t matter to the big clubs. Unless Brexit means clubs are putting pressure on dual qualified players to stick or go with England .


I can’t understand how anyone could turn down an organisation with such luminaries as Delaney and Gavin …


You cant cap a player who isnt available. If MON had called him up he would have become “injured”

This was only going to end this way.

Rice is being looked at by man city so he will be straight into the england team if that happens unlike that lad playing for villa.


He was on the bench for a wc qualifier v Moldova. Should have been sent on when it was 2-0 for 30 secs and he would have been tied to Ireland. His head had nt been turned at that stage by England.


I thought he only played three friendlies.


FIFA may have to have a look at that. Rice, besides the fact he is english, likeky defected due to money and prestige which on a personal level for him is fair enough imo. But on a wider level it does effect the integrity of the game.

Outside of the granny rule being right or wrong if your capped at senior level you should be tied. Defecting due to finance should be for club football.


Yes you are correct. But he was in the bench for a senior competitive match. The 23 appearances include underage matches for Ireland.


I thought his father was from Dublin. It turns out he was in on the grandparent rule, we’re still pulling that shite?


Hard border with Rice now




There is no integrity in the game to effect


In club football it would be very hard to disagree with you. I don’t think international would deserve the same label.

In governance of the sport though, absolutely.


It’s the fact that he was so “proud” to play for us at underage when England didn’t want him. I think once you play u19 for a country that should be that. 18/19 year olds are plenty old enough to decide where they’re from.

Kick in the teeth to all underage Irish coaches he played with through the years.


Lads - he picked us as he could - he was released from chelsea as a kid and started togging out for us the year after. Career on the up - interest back from england off he goes.

Disappointing - but i’m sure if that situation presented itself to some of the english born players who played for us under big jack - they would have gone back also.


Fair enough - but he surely would’ve had far more coaching in England and declaring for Ireland would’ve been a kick in the teeth for those coaches.