UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


McAteer sent off for Ireland v England in Star 6 game. How does Michael Owen not get a red here?




Ridiculous decision if McAteer goes Owen has to go aswell


Did Clucko put Owen up to it?



No rush there Declan :roll_eyes:


He’d be the definition of a plastic Paddy…

*gets coat


Why would a really promising young ENGLISH man declare for Ireland?

Makes no sense to me


Is that not Declan Rice dawning an Irish jersey in the photo? Thought so.


He should just change his name to Paddy Field.



Wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the squad for Friendlies later this year in Sep and Nov


Jayus :joy:


“there’s a taste in my mouth,
as desperation takes hold…”


After all the abuse he got , it would be some turn around .




Rice switching to England the little prick


Really shows the badge kissers up for what they are.


I hope Roy Keane takes him out with a Kung Fu kick the next time they meet.


Can’t understand why people are pissed about a guy choosing to play for the country he was born and reared in for a start. Add in the choice of playing Premier League or the Vanarama League. Good luck to him.