UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


I think if we lose our 8 matches by less than 6-0 (each) then we get a play off against Oceanian kingpins American Samoa and if we lose that we play Ratoath Celtic’s U12Fs over two legs.


Not looking good, so.


We are nearly guaranteed a play off through the Nations League route even if we finish bottom of our regular qualification group. The two are totally independent. However we have to win a play off semi and a final to make it through the Nations League play off route. Both matches would be one leg only and the final would definitely be an away match and semi more than likely as well. Can’t see us winning the play off route if we tank in the regular qualification group.

Also anyone expecting an improvement in the football and patterns of play under Mick McCarthy could be in for some shock. Mick and most of his cheerleaders in the media are harking back to the 2002 World Cup qualifiers and finals. What about last season with Ipswich? No doubt he did a good job in terms of staying in the championship with the resources he was given financially. However the players were limited so he adopted a very defensive style and they really struggled to score goals or create chances. Sound familiar? I think the bad run maxed out at failing to score in 17 out of 20 matches. Even Martin O’Neills’s poor run wasn’t that bad!


Being honest really think this thread should be called the Euro 2020 disqualification thread as you have to be really muck and extremely unlucky not to qualify. We probably are really muck, but let’s hope at least we get a little luck




With a little luck we won’t qualify!


The way things are we’ll need a lot of luck not to qualify.


It’s the Hotel California of European Football…
You can get knocked out at any time you like…


It’s like Brexit … you can’t get out of it.


Believe or not there will be 31 european international football teams that will not be at Euro 2020


500 tickets allocated to the FAI for Gibraltar away. They’re hopeful they might get more.


Wonder what the Dear Leader did to secure that many which is about 20% of the capacity of the stadium


There will be loads from Asia and Africa missing too


Chris de Burgh is going to arrange transport for them…on his Spanish train.


Well of course. They’re not eligible :wink:


Kazakhstan and Israel