UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


By all means dream but be realistic about it too. I dread qualifying cos we usually stink the place out of it.


Looking at some of those groups and people argue that there is a need for a tiered competition in the GAA, I reckon the most beneficial thing about having some of those countries in there is a few kids might learn a bit of geography.


10pts from the first 4 games is very achievable IMO


As is zero from the last four.


Will be interesting to see how Mick McCarthy plans for the teenage sensation Giorgi Chakvetadze.


Agree we could get tanked by countries with the depth/quality of G and H but at least playing them you get entertaining games, great atmosphere, they give you a chance to get at them if you’re brave and smart, and they’re both class trips away for fans.
The Swiss will just control the game and dominate, and against Denmark pretty dull and low-scoring, at best. So I’d say NI are quite happy really, they will give G and The N their fill of it. We might get a point off Denmark.


It’s hardly delusional. The Danes are not world beaters providing we recover mentally from the 5-1 humiliation. Last euro’s Albania finished above them. Swiss are clearly better than us, but this number one nonsense thrown about is just that. France are obviously the best side in Europe right now.

Played over two legs I think the Swiss would beat Ireland 8 times of 10 but at home Ireland have more than a chance of at least a point.


Presumably not the same way Humbert Humbert would.



Have you seen us play on the pitch in the last couple of years? Have you seen our weakness in depth?


Nobody is suggesting Ireland are a good team. However, i don’t think the Danes are very good and the Swiss are unbeatable.

You have to make an assumption things will improve under Mick. He will develop patterns of play and actually get a team creating chances again. As I said, 2nd place is somewhat achievable given the opposition.


You’d hope things couldn’t get worse…
But I think Mick might rejuvenate a bit of spirit in the lads . It’s a welcome change to the two Muppets before him.


Good Lord, it’s a red wave!! :fearful:


It’s a decent draw for sure. But Suisse and Denmark are clearly better than us, and how Georgia haven’t beaten us the last few times we’ve played is beyond me. Maybe Mick will bring something, but it’s hard to escape the view that we just haven’t the players at the moment. I’d be fine with not making the next few tournaments if the FAI would prioritize the youth game, so we might have the players in 5-10 years.


Get him an Irish Passport?


ken early was saying that given the teams we have and how well they ahve done in the nations league we could finish below Gib and still get a play off place :sweat_smile:

WTF is going on here.


If we finish below Gibraltar we’ll be in fcukin Morocco!


Don’t really understand it, but it seems the first two from each group go through, but to make the play offs it is the nations league that counts, not the best third placed teams in the group stages.


From what I can make out, if Denmark and Wales qualify directly and we dont we are in the play offs regardless of our position in the group


What do you have to do to NOT qualify?