UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Championship back then was still lots of hareing around and chasing down every ball and plenty of passion and goalmouth scrambles. 2Bundesliga would appear ponderous by comparison but they were playing a passing game generally.


Both were poor enough leagues back then. Championship is ahead today imo. Primarily due to all the loanees and parachute payments etc. Last night’s stuff was fantastic. Seems to be getting better week after week.

But maybe you’re right. Wagner got a load from 2 Bundesliga and they’ve been well able for the premiership to date. The question is would many championship players be able for the same in the main Bundesliga?


Well I like both leagues, plenty of passion, entertainment, or good football, but the discussion was about your assertion that Champ is better. Maybe it’s better than last year because I haven’t seen much this year so far but last couple of years it wasn’t up to much.
Some of the stuff I saw the last couple of years was no better than the top league in Ireland.


I think it is, a good bit better. Top few teams in Bundesliga 2 are decent, big drop off after that. Championship has improved a lot in terms of quality. Top 12 at the moment in particular. It’s an arms race to the prem. Bundesliga 2 less so.


That’s just this season, and doesn’t necessarily reflect quality!


Draw on rte . We swerved away from a group with the Germans and Dutch as they host games too and got in with Swiss and Denmark. North were put in with Germany and Netherlands instead. All the football celebrities in town for the weekend. Figo and Robbie Keane were in McGowans last night .


Not the worst of draws especially considering we we could have been in a group with Holland and Germany only for the rule of their being no more than 2 host countries per group.

Made all the more sweeter by the North getting fucked over as a result :rofl:


How many qualify?


Two from each group plus 4 teams from the playoffs.


If we can’t quakify under those circumstances we can forget it.


I have already :wink:


Agreed, we’re Donald Ducked if we don’t. :slight_smile:




The no more than 2 host nation rule which swerved us away from the Dutch and Germans , maybe McCarthy is a lucky general this time around.


We will get nothing off the Swiss who have been consistently really good, if anything getting better, and we have got very little off the Danes the last twice in qualification.


I’d fancy us to do OK against Gibraltar.


Can’t afford to Monkey around with Gibraltar


True, I couldn’t see Ireland getting anyway near enough points to top the group but I couldn’t see this Ireland team getting any points from Germany and Holland.

2nd place is at least somewhat achievable.


How? We’ll do very well to break even against Georgia. We are at 4th tier level. The delusion of Irish soccer fans never ceases to amaze me.


So what do you suggest, giving up?
All sport is about chasing the dream, who would have thought after Mayo in 06 we’d be where we are now.
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best I say.