UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Considering Derry are in division 4 the Dunph could nt do any worse. He might bring back Johnny mcgurk due to his love of the little guy.


It’s a valid point . What’s worse is , they’ll have gotten used to McCarthys system and bang , hell be out the door after 2020. They may as well have given it to Kenny full time & see how he gets on . You’d wonder how Mick could have agreed to this. Yes , there’s about a million reasons from a monetary position but long term it mired in the what if .


There’s risk on every decision but I can at least see the logic of this one. Let Mick put the train back on the rails, Kenny prove his stock with the 21’s and hopefully go on to have a good long term tenure.

Yes, if Mick over achieves and Kenny under achieves you have a problem.

But if the FAI shell out big again for an international manager they will take one look at the team, realise quickly his term is short and the remit is qualification and take the most risk free path to results. Hoof ball ala MON and Trap.

In theory if Kenny is good and wants it long term the style of play should improve. Granted we will cut our cloth vs Germany etc but should be able to avoid route one vs the likes of the north and Georgia.


you can see the gears running in dear leaders mind over this:

  1. people dont like o neill/keane any more
  2. people like kenny
  3. kenny is from the LOI
  4. LOI fans dont like me
  5. LOI fans who dont like me are bringing nasty banners to matches abuot me
  6. A lot of people think McCarty was unfairly treated in his last club
  7. People like McCarthy.
  8. People are starting to protest about me.

Solution - appoint not one, but two people people like and then you can blame them all if it goes arse wise, but by then I’ll be in UEFA anyway.


Heard a small bit of Kenny’s press conference . Had his nose put out of joint when one of OTBs “reporters” put it to him had he in writing that he was definitely taking over after Mick . Same question was put to Delaney as well .
What exactly wasn’t clear when this announcement was made that they decided to put these questions to them . They nearly wanted to see the contract themselves .
Also , apparently Kenny turned down the u21s job before & only agreed to it now under the guarantee of getting the top job .
This has all been handled very poorly .


It’s all a PR exercise as Dubintipp has detailed above. Shambles of an association. Pity, the fans deserve better. At least the football won’t be any worse under Mick and then Kenny.


Obafemi started for Southampton tonight . We can only hope he goes from strength to strength .
We badly need a goal scorer. We might have a decent crop of players in about 3 or 4 years time if the recent underage success continues .

But looks like another lad we missed out on , to fucking Luxembourg of all places.


That’s the final insult there. Ohm will be happy anyway.


Luxembourg is about this lads level. Don’t think he’d ever have made it imo. Years ago they were raving about a chap called Patrick Kohlmann. Played a couple of games for Dortmund and spent rest of his career in lower leagues. Played under 21 for us but that was as good as it got.


Luxembourg’s level is not a million miles from ours at present.


Chippy bang on the money


Think he had a couple of seasons in bundesliga 2 tbf which be similar to championship in England I suppose. My only concern about missing these lads is sometimes they develop as players later . Drogba did nt do anything as a player till he was 27 and with marseille.


Robbie keane officially retired today. Great servant for Ireland, played his best football at spurs . Bit of a waste going to the mls when he still had a lot to offer but still a pretty good career .


He fulfilled a childhood dream of playing in the MLS :grinning:


The lad would fill a golf bag …


He small enough to fit in one alright…oh you mean all his clubs .


Yeah thats a fair point, though id stick 2. Bundesliga a bit lower down than championship, particularly back then. Anyway, unfortunately a lot of these lads never develop beyond being decent prospects and are never heard of again. (This lad will probably go on and win the b’allon dor!)


My old manager used to tel me he could see me with the Ballon d’Or. No sorry, it was Piat d’Or.


2 Bundesliga has been on a par with Championship for a good long while. Most of the Premier League teams are barely better than quite a few Championship teams. The standard of English league football has been inflated by reputation since about or at least 25 years ago.


Can’t argue you with you r.e English football. Definitely on the money there. Still think the second tier in Germany is lower end championship standard at best. Particularly when Kohlmann was playing there in the mid noughties. Anyway it’s probably a moot point. If there were Irish qualified players tearing it up there now we’d be all over them !