UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Sounds like that’s what you’re hoping for.


If I was him I’d be arranging games against the likes of San Marino, Gibraltar, Kosovo and Andorra!

ps Wales 48th out of 55 ranked European countries?? :thinking:
Norn Iron 52nd - below Gibraltar … :joy::joy::joy:


Apparently Kenny & Delaney rang Johnny Giles looking for advice about the job .Take from that what you will .


Eh ? Just pointing out hypotheticals work both ways.


Kosovo are decent though especially going forward.


Yes - best they should leave their past behind


Exactly. What will Kenny learn in the u21 job that he needs for the senior post. Essentially it’s an audition cause Delaney had to appease the league of Ireland crowd with a bone. If Kenny makes a balls of the u21 job what then. Delaney will spin we gave our local best and brightest a chance and it did nt work out. As for John Giles advising that’s just ridiculous. A good pundit for sure but he has nt been involved in a professional capacity in soccer since 1980.


Yeah but Gilsey is a “football person”.


Different sport and all, but didn’t Jim Gavin take the reins of the Dublin U21’s, nurture them in his playing own style, develop a winning mentality and promote them to the senior ranks? Perhaps the FAI think something similar will happen with Kenny managing the Ireland U21’s?
Agree regarding Delaney though. This stinks of an appointment to appease the masses rather than Kenny being a stand out candidate in the FAI’s eyes and I believe Delaney would be happy to see him fail.


They asked Dunphy and he told them to build a load of streets and bring back street football …


I don’t think it will appease the League of Ireland people - they know Delaney too well. It is interesting that Kenny took it though too. He would have seen that pitfall but obviously believes he can make a go of it.


He wasnt managing a crowd of prima-donnas


No just a crowd of Maradonas!!


He was hugging Mick McCarthy last week at a book launch so I wouldn’t rule out him doing anything.


I saw him pictured with Joe Brolly too. The Derry job maybe!


Maybe he was just sheltering from the rain.


Maybe Mc Carthy could win the soccer version of Sam, before kenny comes in ,the way as Giller did for Jim.


Interesting as Giles agreed with the theory of the players possibly not respecting Kenny.


WTF are you on about?


Delaney s first motivation in any decision is to ensure it does not threaten his position. These appointments were political JD first , Irish soccer 2nd .