UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


In rugby Ireland is a major player not so in soccer … the job market for soccer is a lot more lucrative in Uk & Europe. Schmidt must be the best manager in the world right now but McCarthy is a decent championship manager but still commands twice the cash Schmidt will probably get if he takes the NZ job.


IRFU profit in 2017 - 1.2million
FAI profit in 2017 - 4.5 million


Am i the only one who thinks this is not the worst plan ever? Kenny in with the u21s for a couple of years and then to take over at senior in 2020?



I mean there was this


The dream team.


:joy: that was different though


“I’m the boss, I’m the gaffer and whatever I say goes”

Still get shudders everytime I hear that.

Poor Stan destroyed his reputation taking the job.


I dont blame Stan at all. I point the finger at Delaney.

What an unbelievable appointment.


Well said. But he was mad to take it, ill advised, and over-reached himself.


When gilroy and whealan were announced as the Dublin management team Keith Barr in his indo column referred to them as Dublin s Stan and Bobby show. He got that one wrong.


Will never forget or forgive Delaney letting poor Bobby Robson (an absolute gentleman) go on Liveline after the San Marino debacle even though he was suffering from cancer


Just shows that the man (Delaney) is untouchable.


Fixed that …


Iceland did it with Lagerback when he was in charge


I met him once, in a pub in Dublin. I bought him a Guinness, and he got me a lager back.


Hasnt got any easier for stan since he left ireland position .
Ex-Ireland manager Staunton declared bankrupt


‘It’s in writing’ - Stephen Kenny confirms he’ll be replacing Mick McCarthy after Euro 2020 no matter what

This makes no sense at all, what if kennys bombs as under 21 manager ??? and McCarthy does an excellent job ??


And what if McCarthy loses his first 4 games ?


This is a balls-up.