UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification



Scenes :open_mouth:



Oh I can think of 2.4m reasons why he agreed to it


Fai making us laugh forever . You could not make this shit up. Delaney is terrified for his lucrative gig.


It’s good to have certainty. The certainty that Delaney & Co will continue to fcuk things up for the foreseeable future …


One lad on ybig forum asked what if kenny does nt work out ? He ll get fat and old came the swift answer. :joy:








Looks like Mick McCarthy.



Leaving aside Jim, how can you justify paying the soccer manager nearly twice what the rugby coach gets. At this stage the rugby coach has to be the more high profile appointment.


Simple enough really, not nearly as much money in rugby as soccer.


Au contraire in 2017 the IRFU’s turnover was 85m up from 48m in 2007

The FAI’s turnover in 2017 was 49m up from 45m in 2007


Does the irfu turnover include the provinces and then outgoings include salary to players?



That’s my understanding as well. I know they probably have more wages to pay, but it still surprises me to say you get paid twice as much to be the soccer manager.


Is it a first for manager and his successor to be named on the same day?


Dutch did it a few years ago with Hiddink and Danny Blind. Although that one didn’t work out well :grimacing: