UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


The drink got him



Watch out for :kosovo: Kosovo in League D. A lot of talented players


Rice is probably looking at the like of Harry Maguire. Rice is a far better player at this age than he was. Much different pathway to England caps these days with Southgate over them. It’s a pity we have to be the collateral though. I suppose with such as dysfunctional domestic system here and what were up against over in the UK this has the potential to happen over and over again.

In fairness to Grealish he’s a super player. Seems to have the head straight and will be in the premier league next season no matter what happens. He’ll certainly get England caps, maybe even this season.




Don’t see how age comes into it to be honest. It’s not a club move, if he’s weighing up the pros and cons of declaring for Ireland O’Neill should move on without him.


Could even move during the January window, as he wouldn’t be cup-tied (european wise) if any of the bigger English clubs wanted him.


Its one of the main reasons why Grealish declared for England , he has the same agent as Bale and he was in his ear saying Bale would have earned more if he was English. Chap was born there , grew up there its not like he was born in Dublin and his grandfather is English.

Back in the day you were locked in when you played U18 or U21 competitively (cant remember which one) now you can play underage and switch if you want to or have to. If he has used the underage system to his benefit is it any worse than a Footballer in his mid 20’s declaring for us when they finally know they aren’t good enough for England or Scotland.


I understand the point but my point would be if there’s a decision, there is no decision. It’s international football, with an anthem.


Its not as simple as that though - end of the day the chap is English and plays for ireland - he now has a realistic choice of playing for england - does he throw it away to play for us - a team that doesnt qualify for many tournaments , or does he declare for a team that will qualify for the major tournaments every two years and if he makes it with england he can earn more than the 3K a week he is currently on.

Yes disappointing he’s come out with comments in the past saying there is no choice to be made.


Can you play any amount of non competitive games you like now. A pity lets hope west ham keep going to ■■■■ and he gets dropped for a bit :thinking:


yeah , your not locked in until you play a competitive game


You could play any amount of games for Ireland so …


He started West Ham’s first game but hasn’t featured in their subsequent two starting 11s. Pellegrini going for experience over youth so far


I haven’t played a competitive game in over a decade, but I was locked last Saturday.


Ireland u18s are going to call up a fella born in Luxembourg to a Swedish father and mother from Westmeath. He s togged our for Luxembourg already . He s with Bayern Munich . It works both ways and in fairness we generally get the most out of the parentage rule. Grealish and rice would have been good players for us but ■■■■ em .


Being honest, had to google Declan Rice. How can he actually per Wiki have played 3 Senior Internationals, and still be able to have option to play for England?


Non competitive games aka friendlies. Newish FIFA rules, changed a few years back. Had he played the next fixture he be Irish forever


Nah there will always be players who it’s not that simple for, dual allegiance, fact of life, what would you do? Decision when allegiance is not, and can’t be clear is down to other factors too.


Like half two in Club M


Speaking personally are we? :wink: